Day One is Done

Tuesday in review

I made it through the first day!

Here are my proposed spending changes:

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Don’t buy energy drinks
  3. Don’t eat out for lunch
  4. Don’t eat out for dinner

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

And my first day results:

I did not buy an energy drink because I drank my own coffee.

I did not buy a pack of cigarettes because I used my vape instead.

I did not buy lunch because I ate lunch at home with my wife.

I ate dinner at home with my wife and daughter.

Luckily we had some left overs so we didn’t have to cook the first day which always makes it easier.

So for the first day i have a total estimated savings of at least $30. Not a bad start.

Financial Action : transferred $20 to savings account

On Quitting smoking:

I found out that it is much easier for me to quit smoking when using a vaporizer. It helps me cope with the initial anxiety when first starting out trying to not smoke.

The problem i have had in the past when trying to quit is in maintaining the streak. I have quit for a few weeks or days but then i start to want to smoke just “one” cigarette. Then it doesn’t end up being just one cigarette and I’m back to smoking all over again. I’m more committed than ever to make the change stick this time. I have reviewed what motivates me here and here.

I have tried a few entry level vaporizers but my favorite is by far the Innokin Endura t22 vaporizer. I like that it feels more like smoking a cigarette than most vapes I have tried.
I purchased it online for only $30 from

I have only tried a few flavors of liquid and so far like vapor sharks brand Nurdz menthol and Pinky menthol flavors the most.

There are so many choices of flavor to choose from that it is a little overwhelming.


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