Eat as much as you want (without getting fat)

Sounds too good to be true, right? It’s all about what you eat, not just how much. I have in the past, while eating huge portions, lost 20 lbs in just two weeks using this diet and incorporating exercise.

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While I am not currently looking to lose or gain weight at this time there are times when you may need or want to.

There are a few simple diet changes you can make that I believe will drastically improve your chances at losing weight or preventing weight gain. Exercise is not required for weight loss but is always a good idea and will further boost results.

The first one is eliminate how many calories you drink.

Many drinks have tons of sugar and with beverages it is even easier to over indulge than when eating.

Sodas, juices, milk, and beers should be avoided if you are trying to lose weight or prevent adding on fat.

Water should be the default beverage. When you feel thirsty, drink it.

The second change I would recommend is stop eating white carbs like bread, rice and potatoes.

I have observed, at least for me, these are the foods that make me gain weight the fastest.

My ideal diet would consist of primarily lean meat proteins, lots of beans, and vegetables. If you are just looking to maintain your weight like me you do not have to be super strict.

Some simple staple meals I eat regularly:

Chicken or turkey,

Black or pinto beans,

Broccoli or mixed vegetables

For meat variety you can have fish, eggs, steak or lean pork.

There are so many different kinds of beans, some I have never even tried.

For vegetable alternatives I have also used spinach, peas, or green beans.

I prefer to use chicken or turkey though because I feel they are easier to incorporate as part of a meal prepping system because they hold up better when refrigerated.

Meal prepping is ideal when dieting because when you are hungry and the food is not ready that is the easiest time to make excuses and break the diet.

Tip: I have found when I eat beans with the meal I am satisfied for longer and less likely to look for snacks in between meals.

Some past meal preps:


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