Portfolio Holdings log 2

Portfolio Changes

Closed TLT position

Reasoning-low yield and long maturity. Shorter duration options that pay almost as much. Was purchased as a small hedge for market correction that hasn’t happened. Doesn’t fit income investing strategy hedging is done by reinvesting high distributions through up and down markets.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

Sold 40 shares of UNIT

on some price strength Friday. Sales at loss compared to purchase price but lowers percent of portfolio income coming from UNIT. From nearly 19% down to 14%. While I still like UNIT and don’t plan to eliminate my holding completely I think I made a mistake chasing the price down. I was hoping for a quicker recovery and it has not worked out that way. I am nervous dividend will eventually be cut, still wondering how they will diversify away from largest tenant WIN and may sell more.

Rather than starting a new position I decided to use proceeds to add to my holdings in OXLC, ECC, and NHF. I decided to go this route because I wanted to increase the income from my portfolio. I believe risk has gone up slightly but am happy to reduce UNIT exposure and diversify into the CEFs.

*Nrz also paid me a dividend of $87.45 which was reinvested into more stock

My current holdings

VER- Vereit Inc.

Quantity-957.25 shares

Expected annual income-$526.49

Total invested capital-$6847.33

Per share-$7.15

Real yield-7.69%

O- Realty Income

Quantity-43.24 shares

Expected annual income-$113.89

Total invested capital-$2061.43

Per share-$47.67

Real yield-5.52%

NRZ- New Residential

Quantity-180* shares

Expected annual income-$360.01

Total invested capital-$2797.82

Per share $15.54

Real yield 12.87%

*increase due to dividend reinvestment $87.45

UNIT- Uniti Group Inc.

Quantity-168.45 shares

Expected annual income-$404.29

Total invested capital-$2565.10

Per share-$15.23

Real yield -15.76%

KBWY- Powershares KBW Premium Yield Equity Reit

Quantity-60.87 shares

Expected annual income-$159.48

Total invested capital-$1679.80

Per share-$27.60

Real yield-9.49%

PCI- Pimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund

Quantity-206.53 shares

Expected annual income-$406.62

Total invested capital-$3703.48

Per share-$17.93

Real yield-10.99%

NHF- NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund

Quantity- 95.54 shares

Expected annual income-$229.28

Total invested capital-$2202.20

Per share-$23.05

Real yield-10.41%

MAIN- Main Street Capital Corporation

Quantity 37.23 shares

Expected annual income-$105.73

Total invested capital-$1450.73

Real cost per share-$38.97

Real yield-7.29%

ECC- Eagle Point Credit Company

Quantity-124.23 shares

Expected annual income-$298.13

Total invested capital-$2272.07

Real cost per share-$18.29

Real yield-13.12%

OXLC- Oxford Lane Capital Corporation

Quantity-153.25 shares

Expected annual income-$248.25

Total invested capital-$1582.60

Real cost per share-$10.33

Real yield-15.68%

Portfolio totals

Expected annual income-$2852.17

Total invested capital-$27162.56

Portfolio yield on cost- 10.5%


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