Spending Report

On Friday morning I bought my last pack of cigarettes and my last monster energy drink. I brought my lunch to work and ate dinner at home.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I saved $20 compared to eating out and made another payment to my credit card.

On Friday I also make some changes in my stock portfolio and will update my holdings soon.

Why did I buy cigarettes again?

Because I wanted to. I wanted to buy my last pack and last drink.

With the full commitment that it will be my last one. Not because I bought it in a moment of frustration and weakness like I did the day before.

This morning I drank my coffee and did not buy cigarettes. I brought my lunch to work. I’m planning on eating dinner at home.

Today’s savings adds up to $30.

I think its incredible to calculate that even though I have not been perfect with my new spending goals I have still saved an estimated $100 in five days.

With a few simple changes in my daily spending habits. I haven’t missed out on anything and still enjoyed myself this week. I don’t feel like I am neglecting myself at all. I have eaten healthier and cheaper food.

It goes to show how much I was wasting on these small purchases.

It never felt like I was spending a lot of money because it is typically small charges.


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