Sunday Was a Fun Day

I am excited to say on Sunday I followed all of my new spending rules. I have been using my vape and drinking my own coffee. Brought my own snacks and lunch to work.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

For dinner we went out to eat with my father who thankfully took care of the bill this time. Thanks dad!

I had a great time with my father and brothers at dinner. Watching my dad play with my daughter over good food and a few beers.

I was able to transfer another $30 dollars to my short term savings account.

It is the end of the month today and I should be receiving distributions from some of my stock holdings today. I will update on my income investing portfolio and expected income tomorrow.

I am also planning on reviewing and summarizing how much money I have saved and paid off since I decided to make the spending changes.

P.s I am looking for my next book to read and am open to any suggestions if you have any books that have impacted your life please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance.


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