Why I Love My Church

I Love My Church!

One of my personal development goals is to strengthen my relationship with God. I feel church is a wonderful way to do that. Certainly not the only way. Each week that I attend impresses me more than the last.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I have been attending Church By The Glades for some time now and I have grown to love church. Something I thought I would never say. If you only knew.

Click here to view Church by the Glades website

Why I Love My Church

My church is NOT a traditional church, not even close. This is by design and I feel is what makes it so great.

Many churches seem to enjoy to make you feel bad about your mistakes or not giving money to the church. This is something that I feel turns many people away from church.

My church has a motto “No Perfect People Allowed.”

CBG’s Teaching Style

Church by the glades has a unique way to present the word of god unlike anything I have ever seen. It is nothing like the dull and boring church my parents used to force me to attend. I actually can’t wait to attend each week. It really is that awesome.

My church uses current events and modern versions of parables to teach bible principles and values.

Each week they have amazing live shows and music before the sermons. The amount of creativity and passion that goes into each weekend service is almost ridiculous. I feel like each week is better than the last.

Current Series

The current series is called family drive in. They are using a form of modern day parable, just like Jesus taught in his time, using a popular movie and transitioning to a bible principle or value that the movies demonstrate.

A few weeks ago they used the movie Black Panther and after and incredible live performance of Pray For Me by Kendrick Lamar my pastor compared similarities between Jesus and his kingdom of Heaven and the black panther and his kingdom of Wakanda. I thought that was so cool and there really are a lot of similarities.

Pastor David Hughes

Our pastor is David, who humbly introduces himself as one of the pastors, even though we all know he is THE leading pastor.

He even allowed his son Charlie to deliver a sermon a little while back. His son absolutely crushed it. You should have heard the crowd cheer for him. Wow. What an inspiring message to be delivered out of such a young man. You have to check it out for yourself.

Another great thing about church by the glades is they broadcast all their services live online. For free, of course. They have multiple locations and service times.

They archive all the services online and through their phone app. Its not just last weeks service either. They have hours of church sermons recorded over the past few months.


My church is also a incredible force of good in my community. I witnessed this when after the tragic shooting that happened in nearby parkland.

My church completely dropped its own plans and switched gears to focus on serving and helping the victims and community get through this horrifying event.

They held multiple services for the families, even bringing in an inspiring speaker named Nick Vujicic, a man born with no arms or legs, to speak about love, god, and his life.

They raised money for the families as well. I thought it was so cool the way they did it. They designed and sold t-shirts and hoodies just like the ones the kids at Stoneman Douglas students wear. Its like everyone wearing one was saying I could have been one of the students. Saying I stand with you, as one of you.

They donated ALL proceeds to the families. What charity does that? Sadly charities some only share 10% of the proceeds.

My Invitation to You

I have enjoyed my time spent at CBG and listening to the archived sermons immensely and have learned a lot as well. I just wanted to share that with you. I sincerely hope you check it out for yourself.

I understand religion can be a controversial subject and if its not your thing that is okay too.

Click here to view Church by the Glades website


3 thoughts on “Why I Love My Church

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  2. That’s wonderful that you have a goal to strengthen your relationship with God! That definitely something Jehovah wants all of us to do as James 4:8 admonishes is to “Draw close to God and He will draw close to you.” When we take the first step to do more, study more and pray more we are richly rewarded. Hebrews 10:24,25 expresses the importance of meeting together to encourage one another to stay on a spiritual path. It’s great that you’ve found a place that is welcoming, educational and encouraging. Continue to study God’s word and you’ll receive endless blessings.


    1. Thanks for your comment! My church streams all their messages live so anyone can watch online at cbglades.com Tonight’s service will go live at 6pm ET


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