Daily spending update

Its been a couple days since i posted an update on my daily spending habits. The past few days I have been pretty good about following my new rules.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

Daily spendings goals

  • Do not buy cigarettes
  • Do not buy energy drinks
  • Do not eat out

My results

I have not smoked any cigarettes or drank any energy drinks at all since last Saturday April 28th.

I have been using a vaporizer and drinking lots of coffee. These are cheaper and somewhat healthier habits however are probably not the smartest replacement long term.

I have brought my lunch and ate in most of my other meals at home over that same time frame. I have not spent any money with vendors or vending machines at my job.

I did decide to take my wife out to lunch on Thursday when we had the rare opportunity to share that time while our daughter was in school. Completely worth the cost.

In total the past three days I saved at least $70 compared to how I used to spend money daily.

Total estimated savings so far-$220


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