Quit Smoking, Start Vaping

I haven’t smoked a cigarette in a whole week! That is an accomplishment for me that would simply not be possible without a lot of stress and anxiety without the use of a vaporizer.

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Using a vaporizer makes quitting smoking significantly easier because it is very similar in feel and also delivers that addictive chemical known as nicotine.

Smoking vs Vaping

I have done a lot of research and have finally concluded that smoking a vaporizer is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

While vapes and vaping is still relatively new technology there have been many studies performed already and the general consensus is that they are not healthy for you. This is when compared to not vaping or smoking. No surprise for me there. However they are almost certainly healthier than smoking tobacco via traditional cigarettes.

The negatives to vaping

Many smokers say that it does not feel the same as smoking a cigarette. I agree to some extent that this statement is certainly true. It is not the same thing. I think that if you are committed to quitting smoking you need to deal with that small difference at first. It is better for your health and vaping is even cheaper.

The type of device you are using certainly makes a difference as well. I recommend purchasing the Endura t22 vaporizer if you are considering trying to quit smoking.

I have tried a few other entry level vapes and this is certainly my favorite.

I enjoy vaping and enjoy the ability to choose and change flavors, the flavor options are almost overwhelming.

There are cases where vape batteries have actually caught fire or blown up during use or charging. From the research I have done, I believe these cases are rare and there are also many documented fires started because of someone that was smoking as well.

Vaporizers have had some bad press because they have been shown to possibly encourage teens to vape and later smoke conventional cigarettes.

I take those studies with a grain of salt because in my personal experience everyone who i have witnessed using a vape is or once was a regular smoker.

The effects of smoking cigarettes are well known and documented. You can not go about your daily life without hearing about the health problems and chronic illness caused by smoking tobacco. Warnings are even on every pack sold and still people continue to smoke.

What makes vaping healthier?

The biggest difference between using a vaporizer compared to smoking is that there is no fire and therefor no smoke. That smoke and the burning process is the main cause of cancer and other smoking related health conditions.

Again this is not to claim that using a vaporizer is risk free at all. I am simply saying that it is generally viewed as a safer alternative to smoking.

My goal

My longer term goal is to eventually stop using the vaporizer as well. I know that is the safest and best decision for my health and wealth.

But for right now I am very happy to not be smoking. I had been smoking for a very long time and it feels great to say that I haven’t bought a pack of cigarettes in a week. I already feel like my sense of smell and taste have improved since I stopped smoking and started vaping.


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