Daily Spending Update

My Daily Spending Update

Sunday I saved $20 more bringing the total estimated savings to $240 since I implemented my new rules for my daily spending habits.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I did not buy cigarettes or energy drinks. This is the first $10 saved.

I did not eat out for dinner. This is the second $10 saved today. The reason I do not count this as more is because I wouldn’t be eating out dinner every day. However when I do eat out for dinner it ends up being a lot more than $10 of course.

I did enjoy eating a phenomenal burger from a local fast casual restaurant called char-hut with my daughter for lunch. I was off of work and on daddy duty. If you are not from south Florida like me you probably have no idea what char-hut is.


Its like a chipotle for burgers. Assembly line style pick your meat of choice and customize your toppings and bread. Cooked on the grill right in front of you while you wait.

Char-hut was also my first job over ten years ago when I was sixteen. I enjoyed working there and am still grateful that they offered me my first job. I remember I submitted applications all over town and waited. And waited some more. Then finally after wondering how i would ever get my first job without any references or experience, char-hut called me in for an interview.

I remember a goofy guy named Stewart hired me. I can not tell you why to this day. I remember how happy I was, how eager I was to do a good job and start making my own money. Thank you Stewart!

Working there taught me a lot of basic job skills. I learned the importance of being a good employee and coworker, being on time and maintaining a schedule, and how to start saving for my future.


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