Make Your Mother Proud

One thing that helps keep me motivated to succeed and become a better person is that I want to make my mother proud of who I am and my actions.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

My Mother

Unfortunately my mother suddenly passed away on October 10th 2015. It was three weeks after my daughter was born and exactly one week before my 24th birthday. Her funeral service was on my birthday. I was very close to my mom and I was absolutely crushed emotionally when my father’s broken voice told me “She didn’t make it, mom passed away.”

My mother inspired me for many reasons. She was devoted and passionate about her work and family. She worked as a psychiatrist and before that was a nurse. She always put everyone else’s needs before her own.

Her support

She always supported me and let me make my own decisions throughout my life. She called me in sick when I didn’t want to get up for school. She even supported my decision to drop out of high school when the school wanted me to repeat a year due to poor attendance even though my grades were still good. She never made me feel bad or told me that it was a mistake. She never made me feel obligated to pursue a career in healthcare like her.

Later on she supported me when I decided to start a career as an automotive technician and helped pay for my classes. She never judged me or asked me why anyone would want to go to school to be a mechanic. Both my parents have PhDs.

Becoming a Grandmother

When I told her that my wife and I were pregnant (before we were married) she responded with joy and excitement. I was terrified of how she would react.

She was so excited to be a grandmother and she purchased many gifts for the baby before she passed. I saw an energy and passion in her like no other time I can remember. She was so happy for me. She was so proud.

She helped me design my wife’s engagement ring. She helped me buy my house. She helped me in every way that she could.

Before she passed away she was able to see me get married, buy my first house, and got to meet my daughter. She was so happy. She was so proud.

And then, she passed away. Completely unexpected. Only 53 years old. I wish things were different and could share more time with her. I wish I was a better son. I never imagined how soon she would leave me.

I miss her so much but I know she is in Heaven now, out of pain and with her other loved ones, still watching over me. I know when my time comes I will see her again.

There was only two things that my mother ever asked me to do differently

  1. She wanted me to quit smoking
  2. She wanted me to stop drinking energy drinks

While I am still just starting out on making those changes I am finally doing it. I’m doing it for you mom.


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