Social media? What went wrong?

As an employee at a busy car dealership I get to see and meet many people every day. That’s one of my favorite things about my job. Watching people’s behavior in our waiting area is always interesting as you never know what you will see.

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Earlier today the waiting area was packed but no one was talking to each other. Unfortunately, this is a typical thing to see. Everyone is looking at their phone, laptop, or tablet. Many people have on headphones. The few people not on their phone are watching our TVs.

Its almost funny to see so many people on their phones but not using the actual phone. The phone has essentially been turned into a pocket computer. And it is certainly addictive. This is nothing new but I have seen a real shift in peoples behaviors lately. I always remember my parents trying to encourage me to play outside and limit screen time. Sadly I believe this shift and obsession on our technology is a bad thing for our future.

Don’t text and drive is a real thing. That is crazy to even think about.

Its not like it is just young people that are obsessed with their technology. I see all ages at my job from young to old and it is incredible that almost every single person plugged into their tech. Old people too, some still learning to use their devices. Little kids are begging to see, hold or use their parents devices.

I’m guilty of this too. I’m definitely not pointing fingers here. Its sad to acknowledge we have a real problem here and then still feel compelled to check my phone or some other electronic form of fidgeting. Sometimes my wife and I will sit together but both be on our phones. This is not sharing time with someone. This is obviously a behavior I want to reduce in the future by being more present.

When did we become so obsessed with technology?

Its crazy to think about the technological changes we have been through in my short life time. Now we are so obsessed with our devices that we can’t even talk to each other anymore. We can’t wait in line for 10 minutes without whipping out our phones.

Even the President of the United states has an obsession with tweeting. That is crazy to even think about.

Studies have shown that Facebook and other social websites may lead to depression. This is something I believe is hard to isolate though. The thinking is that seeing so many people in only their happiest times or moments online and possibly comparing yourself to them can make someone feel depressed.

I really wonder how this will effect our society down the road. I do not see children playing outside as much as I did in my neighborhood. In a lot of large social gatherings I see many people on their phones and not fully present. Time shall tell how social media and technology will truly effect our lives long term.


3 thoughts on “Social media? What went wrong?

  1. People went wrong. Little if no control over the obsess ion over technology. Sad to see that even the dinner table or religious activity is not free from the cellphone. Its not about how busy lives have become… Its about forgetting to relate, converse and especially properly educate the younger generation about the pitfalls that lie ahead.


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