Vape juice

There are so many flavors of vape juice (or e-juice) available to purchase that it can be overwhelming picking the right flavor for you.

I have decided to write this post as a way to review and link to flavors that I have tried.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I plan on updating it as I try more and new flavors. I enjoy trying out new flavors and that is one thing I really like about vaping.

My vape

As I have posted before I am using what I would still consider to be an entry level vaporizer. The device I use is called the Endura T-22 and is what I would recommend you buy too if you are starting out vaping. Especially if you are trying to quit smoking.

I purchased my vape for $30 from

When I first tried to quit smoking by using a vape I purchased a cheaper device called the AiO by joytech. I would recommend this device as well and enjoyed using it.

You can also buy the AiO vape from

The AiO is a little cheaper than the T-22 but I think the difference in price is worth it for several reasons.

The T-22 feels more like smoking a conventional cigarette to me and that is a huge plus for someone trying to quit smoking. The battery last longer and the reservoir is larger. There is also much less spit back compared to using the AiO.

How did I choose what e-juice is right for me?

I am still trying out flavors and of course everyone has different taste. The first time I bought a vape and juice I went to a local vaporshark store and tried a few flavors. In the store you can try different flavors and pick a few you like.

There was two flavors that I really liked from my vaporshark store visit. The best one for me from the store used to be called Nurdz menthol but recently packaging has been changed and possibly the name as well. The current bottle has grapes and menthol leaves on it.

My second flavor that I would recommend trying from vaporshark used to be called pinky menthol and also has had the packaging changed to show a strawberry and menthol leaves. I am not sure if the names have been changed as I asked for them by the old names and the staff knew what I meant.

You could also order them from vaporshark online as well. It might be a little cheaper that way. I wouldn’t do this without trying flavors in the store though as vaporshark liquid is not the cheapest.

I like knowing that there are flavors available locally that I like in case I plan poorly and run out.

Flavors I have tried so far
From Vapor Shark
  • Nurdz Menthol-grape flavoring and menthol combined. Would reorder
  • Pinky Menthol-strawberry flavoring and menthol combined. Would reorder
Vaporshark local
  • Zabba Vanilla– vanilla flavoring. Very sweet almost too sweet but not as sweet as the white label strawberry custard. Would probably not reorder.
  • Kilo moo series-blueberry milk-surprisingly good. Would reorder.
  • The One– interesting mix of flavors that I enjoyed. It has an aftertaste similar to the milk left after eating cereal. Would reorder.

From White Label Juice Co
  • Watermelon Sour Belt-interesting flavor that is hard to describe. Would reorder.
  • Strawberry Custard– I enoyed this one at first but then it become too sweet for me. Would not reorder.
  • Avalanche-peppermint flavor that I enjoyed. Would reorder.

My newest flavors just arrived.

  • Red Ade-fruit punch flavoring. Pretty good but I prefer the purple ade. Would consider reordering
  • Purple Ade– grape flavoring without menthol. Would reorder
  • Bazooka Sour Straws-sour apple flavoring. Taste like green jolly rancher to me. Would reorder

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