Anthony Robbins-Personal Power Day One

Today I started a new audio book program called personal power by Anthony Robbins. I have gone through this program before and remember really liking Tony, his stories and his passion for life. It has been a long time since I last listened to it so I have forgotten the majority of it. I’m very excited to see what I can learn and change in my life this time.

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Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II: The Driving Force! (25 CD Set)

Anthony Robbins

Anthony Robbins is an absolute force of good in the world. He has helped millions of people with his work. He is a huge philanthropist and partners with Feeding America. He even donated all of his profits to them from his last two books. He has written five self improvement books and I have read four of them and personally think they are all great and well worth the price.

Tony is a great story teller and conveys a lot of passion and emotion when he speaks. One of the first audiobooks I ever listened to was his personal power program and I will be going through it again and recording my thoughts and progress here.

Personal Power Day One

Tony’s success formula
  1. Know your outcome.

2.Take action towards your goals.

3.Analyze if that action is bringing you closer to your goal.

4.If it is not, simply try something else until you succeed.

Personal power exercise day one

Think about what are two decisions or actions you could take that would immediately change the quality of your life.

1. Calculate my total debt on credit cards and make a plan on how to pay them off. In total-$10,640.

Holy crap! That is a lot!

Here is my game plan:
  • Stop using credit cards to pay.
  • I am going to make payments tomorrow.
  • Pay off interest earning debt first.
  • Try to reduce wasteful spending to save more.

2. Change cable company to save money. My wife changed the cable company and we are saving $40 a month.

click below to view on Amazon
Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II: The Driving Force! (25 CD Set)


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