Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Two

Today I continue to go through Anthony Robbins Personal Power program.

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My thoughts after day one

It was painful adding up how much I owe on my credit cards last night. It was something I have been putting off for a while because I knew that it was going to be a lot more than I would like to owe on my credit cards.

This ties in well with Tony’s message on day two.

Pain vs pleasure

On day two Anthony explains that your behaviors and actions are primarily determined by what we link pain or pleasure to in our mind.

He explains that if you keep doing a behavior that you want to change it is because in your mind you associate more pleasure than pain to that behavior.

Or conversely if you are procrastinating on getting something done it is because you link more pain to doing the activity than pleasure.

Daily exercise day two

Think about what are four decisions or actions you could take that would immediately change the quality of your life.

1.Make payment to credit cards

  • I made payments to my cards today in the amount of $500 in total. Credit card debt remaining-$10,140.

2.Commit to not using any credit cards.

  • Later tonight my wife and I will put all credit cards away at the house.

3.Get more organized with my spending.

  • Use only one debit account and track expenses.
  • Start using a shopping list and stick to it at the store.
  • Plan meals in advance and buy only what is absolutely needed.

4.Commit to getting back in the gym.

  • Thursday is my day off and will be my first day back in the gym.

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