Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Three

Today I am continuing to listen to a 30 day audio book program called Personal Power by Anthony Robbins. I have enjoyed listening in my car on the way to work the past two days and am excited to see what else I can learn.

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My thoughts after day two

I think it is interesting to think about what drives peoples behavior. The concept that people are constantly trying to avoid pain and gain pleasure makes sense to me and I can see how our brain really works that way.

I am excited that I have taken action already towards paying off my credit card debt. I was really dragging my feet about calculating my total debt and deciding to leave my cards at home.

Day 3

On day three Tony further elaborates about how your brain links pain and pleasure to activities. He gives many hypothetical examples and real world stories from his personal life to help you see how real this pain and pleasure concept is.

Daily exercise day three

Think about three associations you have that have positively shaped your life. Think about three negative associations that have affected your life.

  1. Giving is better than taking.
  2. Using hard drugs causes pain and will destroy your life long term.
  3. Saving money is pleasurable.
  1. Smoking cigarettes is okay
  2. Using credit cards is okay
  3. Putting my career and wanting to do a good job before myself and family.

This was a hard exercise for me and I’m not certain if I really did it correctly. Its not easy to think about what you link pain and pleasure to.

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