Back in the gym-day one

Today was my first day going back to the gym after a few months off. My first day went well and I want to share my workout and current weight as a starting point.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I just jumped on the scale and I weigh an even 139lbs. My short term goal for working out is to add 5 lbs of lean muscle.

This is harder than it sounds especially since my body is more prone to losing weight in my experience. We will see how it goes.

My current work out plan

  • I intend to visit the gym 1-2 times a week doing a full body workout routine. This will probably be Monday and Thursday or just Thursday depending on my schedule and my results.
  • I have had good results using this workout in the past on the twice a week schedule. I want to test the results going just once a week. I have a pretty active full time job-in the past when using Fitbit to log steps I typically walk over 5 miles each work day.
  • This is probably the opposite of most work out routines out there that advocate more frequent work out sessions. All I can say is that it has worked well for me in the past and I will let my results speak for themselves in a few weeks.
The current routine
Warm up with 20 minutes of cardio
  • I prefer to use the treadmill and typically adjust the belt speed between 9.5 mph and 4mph for rest. I can run faster than this but do not have the endurance.
  • For me this is a decent warm up and gets me into the mood of working out. I like to listen to music in the gym. The gym is not a place for me to socialize.
Moving to the weights
  • I like to focus on lifts that will use more than one singular muscle. I use the same machine and position the whole time through the routine to reduce tracking errors. Its incredible the difference a seat position can make on the difficulty of an exercise.
  • I use mainly machines as I am neither a huge or advanced level lifter. My goal is to avoid injury and make it back at the next workout.
  • My lifting speed is pretty slow but not excessively slow. By my guess would be in the range of 3-4 seconds between full up and down position. Rest between sets is 60 seconds. Warm up included.
Press machine
  • Warm up set 5 reps @40lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @60lbs
Lat pull down-wide grip
  • Warm up set 5 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @75lbs
Row-close grip
  • Warm up set 8 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 @90lbs
Bench machine
  • Warm up set 6 reps @40lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 @60lbs
Leg press machine-more squat like option
  • Warm up set 8 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @90lbs

Thoughts after workout. I think I did pretty well picking my starting weights coming back after a few months off. I felt like I could lift a little more on most exercises but probably would not complete the sets and not in as good form. In the past I have sometimes added a 3rd set if I felt the weight was too low or continue the last set until failure. This was my first day back and was happy just to be lifting.I generally try to add to the weight after 2-3 workouts with the same weight. This is possibly a slow pace but I feel safer going slowly.


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