Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Five

Today I listened to day five of Anthony Robbins Personal Power thirty day program.

Thoughts after day four

I really enjoyed the exercise and thinking about why I must change now. I think going through this exercise will help me remember why I am committed to making those changes.

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Day Five

Today Tony shared his belief that people are always trying to improve their emotional state or how they feel when they pursue goals it is because of what they feel accomplishing that goal will provide.

One example he used is when people say they would like to make more money, they actually want more money. They really want the emotions having more money would produce such as security or more freedom.

Tony then goes on to explain that there are two primary ways to change your state.

The first one is to change how you are using your physical body. He explains that your posture, facial expressions, gestures, and even how you are breathing will change how you feel.

He has you go through several exercises with your body so you can feel the state changes as you use your body in different ways.

He says the second way is to change what you focus on. This will be covered on a different day though.

Daily exercise day five

Get yourself into a passionate state and talk to someone about something you are normally passionate about in dispassionate way. Then talk to them in a totally passionate way and record the difference.

The difference for me is huge. When I am speaking without passion my voice is monotone and slow. I don’t move much. When i am speaking with passion I am using my body and voice tonality in a totally different manor. My tone added color and emotion to my words, was faster and I was actively moving around as I spoke.

Click below to view Personal Power on Amazon
Anthony Robbins’ Personal Power II: The Driving Force! (25 CD Set)


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