How much does vaping cost?

How much does vaping cost?

I have been vaping instead of smoking for a few weeks now and want to share my view on how much vaping really cost.

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Vaping is cheaper and healthier than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is not without its own unique risk and is not considered healthy for those who are not actively smoking.

Vaping offers smokers a way to enjoy many of the same things they enjoy about smoking in a way that is healthier. While not marketed or necessarily designed to help people quit smoking this is what I have been using it for.

I already feel like it is easier to breathe, my sense of taste and smell have significantly improved. I am still in the very early stages of vaping but intend to eventually start to lower my nicotine level and stop vaping as well.

The real cost

Vaping is pretty cheap when compared to the cost of smoking conventional cigarettes. In my area the average pack of cigarettes is around $7. That’s not even expensive compared to some areas due to even higher taxes on tobacco products.

I used to smoke a pack of cigarettes every day, sometimes even more. Especially if I was going out with friends or drinking.

Estimated weekly cost-$49

Vaping does have a larger initial start up cost as you do have to purchase the actual vaporizer and find out what flavors you like. Once you have found flavors you like the cost goes down because you can purchase larger vape juice bottles.

My vape only cost me $30 from and is the Innokin Endura t-22. My unit has not given me any troubles at all yet. Since this is an entry level vape eventually it may stop working and need to be replaced. I would estimate that in a worst case scenario this would happen in six months and you have to buy 2 a year.

Estimated cost-$60/year or $1.15 a week.

Then you have to add in the coils. My coils cost $2 each and typically last about a week. Worst case scenario would be 2 coils a week.

Estimate cost-$4 a week.

Then you have to have e-liquid to smoke. This is where it gets trickier to analyze the cost because liquid prices can vary greatly.

The cheapest bottle I have bought so far that I really like is Purple Ade. I was able to get a 60ml bottle for only $5 from

The most expense liquid I have purchased is the 30ml bottles from the vapor shark store when I first started out. The store sells 30ml for $15.

I have been using between 2-4ml of liquid each day. Using the cost from the two extremes gives me a cost per day in the range of $.16 a day to $2 a day. Estimated worst case cost-$14 a week

Adding it all up

All together the estimated cost of vaping adds up to a manageable $19.15 each week and could easily be less. This is less than half the cost of smoking cigarettes and according to the CDC is healthier than smoking conventional cigarettes.


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