Credit Card Debt Tracker Week One

Last Monday I sat down with my wife and calculated exactly how much debt we currently owe on all our credit cards combined. This exercise was painful to do as I quickly observed that the total amount was even higher that I had thought.

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Adding it all together produced a total credit card debt balance to $10,640.

Total debt on May 14th 2018-$10,640.

Since Monday last week I have made several payments to my credit cards. We both decided we needed to leave our credit cards at home to avoid using them out of impulse or bad habit. We have some recurring payments set up on our credit cards so our balance may still increase. We are also paying interest on some of that debt as well. I still believe leaving the cards at home will help reduce how much the debt grows.


I have paid off $763 this week leaving my current total balance owed to $9877.


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