Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Nine

Today I listened to the seventh audio (Day 9) of Anthony Robbins Personal Power a thirty day program to change your life.

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My thoughts after day eight

My Five Questions
  1. What makes you feel successful in your life? Why does it make you feel that way?
  2. What are you grateful for in your life? Why does it make you feel grateful?
  3. What are you proud of in your life? Why does this make you feel proud?
  4. What have you improved in your life? Why do you feel that this is an improvement?
  5. What are you happy and excited about in your life? Why does it make you feel like that?

I enjoyed reviewing and thinking about my five questions that I designed yesterday to get me focused on the positive and exciting things in my life.

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What's standing between you and success?

Day Nine

On day nine Anthony Robbins speaks about values and beliefs. He says this is what controls your life and your destiny. He explains that this is a deeper level of the pain and pleasure concept he introduced earlier in the program. Your personal values help you make decisions about what actions you take and what you focus on.

Your values have been shaped by your life events and upbringing. Your parents, teachers, and role models have all helped shape what you value most. He also explains that negative life experiences and influences have also shaped your values and beliefs.

Your personal values are what determines what decision you will make when faced with two options that are both positive or negative based on how those choices relate to your values.

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Daily exercise day nine

Answer the question what is most important to me in my life? Make sure you write down the ends values not the means. Then list them in order from most important to least. Do it again thinking about the states you want to avoid. Write down the rules you have for you to feel those emotions

Towards values

  1. Happiness- to be happy I need to be focusing on the good parts of my life and not thinking about all the negative things
  2. Freedom – to feel free I need to be financially secure enough that I can spend my time how I want instead of feeling like I have to do something
  3. Love- to feel loved I need to have an open and honest relationships with my loved ones and be showing my love for them
  4. Security- to feel secure I need to know that everything will be okay
  5. Success – to feel successful I need to provide for my family financially and support them emotionally.

Away values

  1. Overwhelm- to feel overwhelm I need to be focused on all the things in my life that aren’t working out how I want them to and think about how I feel powerless to change them.
  2. Shame- to feel shameful I need to be focusing on how I broke my own rules
  3. Frustration- to feel frustrated I need to be focusing on how much effort I put in and what little results I have achieved
  4. Anger- to feel angry i need to be focusing on how someone has wronged me or treated me in a way that is not fair

What's standing between you and success?


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