Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Ten

This morning I listened to day ten of Anthony Robbins 30 day program to change your life called Personal Power.

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Day Ten

Tony reviewed today what he has covered up to today.

Personal Power is the ability to take action. In order to succeed you should follow the ultimate success formula.

Tony’s success formula
  1. Know your outcome.
  2. Take action towards your goals.
  3. Analyze if that action is bringing you closer to your goal.
  4. If it is not, simply try something else until you succeed.

What drives all human behavior is the need to avoid pain and desire to gain pleasure.

Whatever you have been condition to associate pain or pleasure will determine what actions you will take.

What you really want in your life is not things it is how getting those things will change your emotion state.

He reminds us that there are two ways to change your state. You can change how you are using your body differently or by asking yourself questions to change what you are focusing on.

He reviews that your values are defined by what you have associated pain and pleasure through based on your personal life experiences. He explains that your beliefs are rules that further define your values and what is required to feel those states.

Today he explains how to change these beliefs.

  1. Identify beliefs you want to change
  2. Link enough pain to those beliefs
  3. Create a new empowering belief
Exercise day ten

Later in the audio he goes through a live exercise with him to change your beliefs.

He calls it the Dickens pattern and he walks you through a visualization exercise where you imagine where your current beliefs will take you if you keep them and then compare what the difference will be if you change those beliefs.

My beliefs that are holding me back
  1. I don’t have enough money or experience to be successful
  2. Im not good enough to be worth the kind of money I want to make.
My new beliefs
  1. I have more than enough experience and money to start working towards success on my goals.
  2. I am more than good enough and worth much more money than I am currently earning.
If I change these beliefs my whole life will turn around.
  • I will stop doubting myself and being scared to leave my job because I don’t want to make my financial situation worse.
  • I will leave my good job and find a great job.
  • I will start to make more money again and be able to pay off my debt and car.
  • I will be able to start investing money every month again.
  • I will be able to achieve my goals in life instead of just getting by like I am today.

This exercise was so powerful that I decided to stay home from work today. I decided that I want to look for a better job opportunity where I will be able to earn an even higher income.

I have been hesitating to leave my job because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to earn more and that I should be happy with my current job and income level. I have been feeling guilty for wanting to earn more when I am already paid well above average for my age.

I am not average though. that should be obvious to me but that is not how I have been thinking lately. I am the one offering the opportunity to employ me. Not the other way around like I was thinking.

I haven’t spoken up when I felt like I was not treated fairly in my current job and as my income kept going down I have been blaming myself and my own performance because I felt like I wasn’t good enough to get a better position.

I know thats not the truth. I am great at my job and deserve to be paid in according to that value. I am more qualified and more dedicated and loyal than my coworkers.

I intend to use the rest of my day doing this dickens pattern with Tony again and again with the same beliefs and different ones.

What's standing between you and success?


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