Saving more tracker-week four

After reviewing my finances a few weeks back I realized how much money I was spending almost every day on small purchases that didn’t really add anything to my quality of life.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I decided exactly four weeks ago that I would try to make some changes to my daily spending habits. This change was made to help me save more money to be able to pay off some of my debt and eventually add more money to my investing portfolio to speed up my income growth.

Unfortunately I have not been able to add too much money to my investment accounts because of my current credit card debt. Click here to view my latest post on my credit card debt.

Proposed changes

I decided on four changes to make

  1. Quit smoking and start vaping
  2. Stop drinking energy drinks and make my own coffee
  3. Start bringing my lunch to work by utilizing meal prepping
  4. Eat dinner at home instead of picking up food on the way home or eating out.

My saving results after four weeks-$656

I have broken my new spending rules on some of the days but I am proud to say that the past four weeks I still managed to save an estimated $656.

That’s a lot of money to be saving, it’s sad to admit that I was wasting that much money before I implemented these simple spending changes.

I know that if I was more consistent this past month I could have saved even more. I am very happy to be working towards my goals and making progress on saving more.

It has gotten easier to not stop at the gas station every morning on the way to work. I am thinking about smoking less and less as time goes by. My weakest area is still eating out, but honestly I am okay with that. The important part is that I am making progress and improving. I have been much more consistent bringing my lunch, I used to eat out almost every day.

I have enjoyed the past month, even though I have had to cut back to control my spending on daily small purchases. This is why I decided to make these changes in my life in the first place. The goal is not maximum savings at the expense of my happiness.

Last weeks daily tracker


  • Didn’t smoke or drink energy drinks
  • Ate lunch out with my daughter but only spent $7 because we shared one meal.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drinks.
  • Brought my lunch to work.
  • Picked up food on the way home.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drinks.
  • Brought my lunch to work.
  • Ate out for dinner with friends after church.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes, energy drinks or eat out.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes, energy drinks or eat out.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes, energy drinks or eat out.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drink
  • Ate out for lunch with my wife
  • Planning to eat dinner in tonight.

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