Getting Back in the Gym-week two

Today was my second day since going back to the gym after a few months off. My second day went well and I want to share my workout.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

My current work out plan

  • I intend to visit the gym 1-2 times a week doing a full body workout routine. This will probably be Monday and Thursday or just Thursday depending on my schedule and my results.
  • I have had good results using this workout in the past on the twice a week schedule. I want to test the results going just once a week. I have a pretty active full time job-in the past when using Fitbit to log steps I typically walk over 5 miles each work day.
  • This is probably the opposite of most work out routines out there that advocate more frequent work out sessions. All I can say is that it has worked well for me in the past and I will let my results speak for themselves in a few weeks.
The current routine
Warm up with 20 minutes of cardio
  • I prefer to use the treadmill and typically adjust the belt speed between 9.5 mph and 4mph for rest. I can run faster than this but do not have the endurance.
  • For me this is a decent warm up and gets me into the mood of working out. I like to listen to music in the gym to help motivate me. The gym is not a place for me to socialize.
Moving to the weights
  • I like to focus on lifts that will use more than one singular muscle. I will use the same machines and position the whole time through the routine to reduce tracking errors. Its incredible the difference a seat position can make on the difficulty of an exercise.
  • I use mainly machines as I am neither a huge or advanced level lifter. My goal is to avoid injury and make it back at the next workout.
  • My lifting speed is pretty slow but not excessively slow. By my guess would be in the range of 3-4 seconds between full up and down position. Rest between sets is 60 seconds. Warm up included.
Military Press machine
  • Warm up set 5 reps @40lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @60lbs
Lat pull down-wide grip
  • Warm up set 5 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @75lbs
Row-close grip
  • Warm up set 8 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 @90lbs
Bench machine
  • Warm up set 6 reps @40lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 @60lbs
Leg press machine-more squat like option
  • Warm up set 8 reps @60lbs
  • Working weight- 2 sets of 8 reps @90lbs
Stationary bike
  • Last week my legs were pretty stiff the first few days after working out I realized I forgot to do 3 minutes of bike after the leg press machine. This is the only change from last week.

Thoughts after workout

I enjoyed my workout today but I am not sure if I am ready to raise any weights yet. I may end up adding a few reps to each set instead. We will see how it goes next week. Maybe I’m just being chicken😝


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