Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Twelve

The past few days I have been working on my goals through Personal Power Day 12 which is almost entirely dedicated to a live goal setting workshop. I did not want to devote only one day to this exercise.

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After devoting time to this exercise here are my current goals in the three categories that Anthony covers in the workshop.

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Personal Development Goals and Timeframe

  • Learn how to control my emotional state 1 year
  • Learn how to be more organized 1 year
  • Quit smoking 1 year
  • Learn Spanish 3 years
  • Improve my sales and interpersonal skills 3 years
  • Grow my blog 5 years
  • Learn to dance 3 years
  • Learn to be more social and outgoing 1 year
  • Go on a road trip 5 years
  • Get my service advisor ASE 3 years
  • Go on dates with my wife without our daughter 1 year
  • Be more consistent with my church attendance and reading from the bible 1 year
  • Invite more people to my church 3 years
  • Read at least one new book a month 1 year
  • Visit Dominican Republic 5 years
  • Learn to manage my time more effectively 1 year
  • Improve my physical appearance and health 1 year
  • Live in a way that I can be proud of 1 year

Top Three Personal Development Goals

  1. Quit smoking
  2. Take control of emotional state
  3. Be more organized
  • I am committed to quitting smoking now because I am tired of smoking away all my money. Everyone knows that smoking can lead to many negative health conditions. I am ashamed of this behavior and must change and commit to never smoking again for my health.
  • I am committed to learning to better control my emotional state now because I know that sometimes I react instead of decide what is the best reaction. Sometimes I am very negative and focus on the things that are not going well in my life and this is something I know will benefit my life massively if I can learn to handle my emotions better.
  • I am committed to being more organized because I am tired of paying the price for not being more organized in my life. I am constantly misplacing things and acting without a plan of action. This is costing me time, money, and energy that could be spent more effectively if I could learn to be more organized.

Thing Goals and Timeframes

  • A new car 5 years
  • A better wardrobe 3 years
  • A larger home and property with a guest house for my brothers to live 20 years
  • A second home for vacations 20 years
  • A garden 5 years

Top Three Thing Goals

  • I am committed to having a larger home and a property with a guest house for my younger brothers because they may never be able to live on their own and I want to be able to help provide for them in the future. If I can’t provide for them I will feel like I have let down my parents and myself.
  • I am committed to upgrading my wardrobe because I have not updated my clothing in a long time and I feel like this is something that is overdue since I haven’t made it a priority to improve and change my clothing as I have grown. Most of my clothes is old and out dated or damaged.
  • I want to have a new car because I know my current vehicle will not last forever and I want to own a vehicle that is stick shift. I miss driving my old car because it was a lot of fun to drive and to perform minor upgrades on it. My current car is a great car and has been very reliable but it’s not as fun to drive.

Economic Goals and Timeframes

  • Pay off my wife’s car 3 years
  • Pay off my credit card debt completely 3 years
  • Lower credit card debt to $5,000 1 year
  • Start adding to my investment accounts again 1 year
  • Build an emergency fund 3 years
  • Have $2000 in emergency funds-1 year
  • Double my working income -$10-12,000 a month 5 years
  • Grow my passive income from my investments to cover basic expenses 10 years
  • Pay off my house debt 20 years

My Top Three Financial Goals

  • I am committed to reducing my credit card debt to $5000 over the next year because if not it will continue to grow itself. I am committed to doing whatever it takes to get this debt paid down. My wife is going back to work soon after taking time off to take care of our daughter so this should help. Unfortunately this last week I had to use my credit card to cover an unexpected expense for my dogs health.
  • I am committed to growing my emergency fund back up to $2000 over the next year because I need to have some money that is in savings but not in my retirement accounts for emergencies. This will reduce the chances that I have to sell stocks to help with current expenses.
  • I am committed to start investing money in my retirement accounts again over the next year because I want to speed up my income growth from my portfolio. I know the sooner I can do this the better because the power of compounding will help grow the income stream over time.

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