Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Fifteen

This morning I listened to Day 15 of Anthony Robbins Personal Power a 30 day program to change your life.

Day Fifteen

Tony explains that our lives are controlled by our unconscious emotional rituals. He explains that every state is created by a pattern of focus or body movements. In order to feel a disempowering or positive emotion you go through a certain ritual.

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Daily Exercise- Day 15

5 Negative Emotions in my life

  • Overwhelmed
  • Frustrated
  • Worried
  • Disappointed
  • Ashamed
Overwhelm-To feel overwhelmed my ritual goes like this:
  • Must focus on too many problems at once and think about how I cant improve them
  • Start by thinking about one problem and then let it spread thinking about all my problems stacking up
  • Think about how things keep getting worse “no matter what I do”
  • Think about how bad this makes me feel and how I don’t feel in control
  • Slouch and breathe slower
  • Compare myself to how I think I “should” be doing or how I “should” feel
  • Get upset with myself for allowing myself to get into negative state and thought patterns
Frustrated-To get frustrated my ritual goes something like this:
  • Must focus on how things could be instead of enjoying how things are and enjoying the process
  • Start thinking how much better things could be or should be
  • Think about all the things that are out of my control that are holding me back
  • Focus on how things used to be or could be if those things weren’t happening
  • Get frustrated because I start to think about how much better things could be.
Worried-To get worried my ritual goes like this:
  • Must be focusing on things in the future not working out or thinking about how bad things could turn out
  • Start to think about problems in the future or that could happen
  • Focus on how or why things could turn out wrong
  • Begin worrying about the future instead of having faith that things will improve or at least be alright.
Disappointed-To get disappointed my ritual goes like this:
  • Feel like something hasn’t turned out how it should, instead of trying to focus on the process and thinking about how I could improve or what I could learn
  • Get upset about an expectation or a standard of mine has been broken
  • Feel like things will always continue like this and not change
  • Think about all the times I have been disappointed in the past by the same person or event
  • Get disappointed by thinking how I would never do that to someone or thinking about how I planned and expected things to be
Ashamed-to feel ashamed my ritual is:
  • Must be focused on how i broke one of my own standards or guidelines. Living in a way I’m not proud of
  • Break one of my own rules or act in a way that is not in alignment with my values
  • Think about how I have done the same thing in the past
  • Focus on how bad it makes me feel to not be doing what I believe is the right thing

5 Empowering Emotions

  • Grateful
  • Happy
  • Motivated
  • Excited
  • Proud
Grateful- My Ritual-To feel grateful i have to:
  • Remember how lucky I am to be alive and think about all the great things and people I have in my life
  • I focus on how my life used to be and how far I have come
  • I focus on my loved ones and my blessings
Happy-My ritual for happiness goes like this:
  • I usually start by laughing and smiling as I think about all the great things in my life
  • I breathe more fully and remember that happiness is a choice not something that happens to me
My ritual for feeling motivated involves:
  • Focusing on my progress or my commitment to improve my life. I focus on things that I have accomplished in the past and how good I felt after them.
  • I am focusing on the future and how it will be even better than my present
My ritual for excitement requires me to:
  • Mentally rehearse positive outcomes and thinking how good it will feel once those outcomes happen.
  • Looking forward and focusing on how great things will be. Thinking about improvements in my life and future
My ritual for being proud involves
  • Focusing on how good of a job I did or how fast something has happened.
  • Thinking about my daughter brings me so much pride to see her learn and grow. I am smiling or grinning with joy
Interrupts to negative rituals
  • Move my body
  • Jump up and down
  • Look up
  • Change my focus
  • Review this post
  • Laugh
  • Smile
Procrastination my ritual-
  • Say that I can do it later or tomorrow and think about how what Im doing is better even though its not what I need to be doing

Interrupt procrastination

Procrastinate tomorrow

What's standing between you and success?


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