Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Sixteen

Today I listened to Day sixteen of Anthony Robbins Personal Power a 30 day program to change your life.

Day Sixteen

Today Anthony Robbins talks about a concept that he refers to as anchoring. Tony explains that whenever you are in a peak emotional state whether that is a negative or positive state the things around you get associated and linked to that emotional state.

This could be how someone touches you, a particular smell or taste, something or someone you are focusing on. He says that these anchors get created unconsciously and have a dramatic effect on your emotional life. He also explains how you can consciously install your own anchors so that you have the ability to change your state in an instant.

What's standing between you and success?

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Daily Exercise- Day 16

Today during the audio Anthony has you perform with him a visualization exercise live that he refers to as the swoosh pattern. During the swoosh pattern you visualize a behavior that you want to change and think about how you are right before you do it.

Next you then visualize the behavior that you want to replace it with and think of your ideal self and imagine it breaking through, as if shot from a slingshot, the image of the behavior you want to change.

While doing this each time you say whoosh as the image breaks through the old image and shatters the image of the behavior you want to replace. As you repeat the swoosh pattern you speed up, going faster and faster.

After repeating this visualization exercise over and over when you begin to think about the old behavior your brain will instead begin to focus on the new behavior and your ideal self. This will now happen unconsciously if you have performed the exercise enough times.

In addition to performing the exercise with tony in real time he tells you to pick an emotion that you want to be able to feel whenever you want so that you can install an anchor.

He reminds you of the steps to create an anchor. First you must get yourself into that desired state by focusing on a time you felt that way in the past. Next you begin linking it to a physical action by deciding on the action you want to associate to that emotional state and then performing that action over and over again. Each time you do the action making the emotional state stronger and stronger.

I chose to anchor the emotional state of excitement today and practiced anchoring myself into that state by loudly yes and snapping my fingers on both hands. I did this several times today and I can already see the effectiveness.

I did it before going into work this morning and again on my way home. In work today I was able to sell more than in the past few days within my first few minutes of work.

Tony also instructs you to use the swoosh pattern while taking you from procrastination into the person who you are committed to being and takes action without procrastinating. I performed this exercise as well and am excited to start seeing the results in my life.

What's standing between you and success?


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