Saving More Tracker-Week Five

After reviewing my finances a little over a month ago I suddenly realized just how much money I was spending almost every day on small purchases that didn’t really add anything to my quality of life. Due to the small daily amounts it never occurred to me before exactly how much money I was wasting.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read this post first.

I decided exactly five weeks ago that I would try to make some changes to my daily spending habits. This change was made to help me save more money to be able to pay off some of my debt and eventually add more money to my investing portfolio to speed up my income growth.

Since I implemented my new rules about my daily savings I have saved an estimated $826 in five weeks compared to my old spending habits. Unfortunately I have not been able to add too much money to my investment accounts because of my current credit card debt. This should be changing soon.

This week my wife secured a great job and this should start to tip the money scale back into our favor once she starts getting paid. I’m very proud of her, she posted her resume online and in the same day had multiple employers contact her and was able to choose the one that was the best fit for her.

Proposed changes

I decided on four changes to make

  1. Quit smoking and start using a vaporizer
  2. Stop drinking energy drinks and make my own coffee
  3. Start bringing my lunch to work by utilizing meal prepping
  4. Eat dinner at home instead of picking up food on the way home or eating out.
Last weeks daily tracker


  • Didn’t smoke or drink energy drinks
  • Ate lunch out at home
  • Ate out for dinner


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drinks.
  • Brought my lunch to work.
  • Ate dinner at home.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drinks.
  • Brought my lunch to work.
  • Ate out for dinner after church.


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes.
  • Bought an energy drink.
  • Brought lunch to work.
  • Ate dinner at home.


  • Didn’t buy energy drinks or eat out.
  • Bought cigarettes😔 it was a bad day


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes or energy drinks
  • Brought lunch to work
  • Picked up fast food for dinner


  • Didn’t buy cigarettes
  • Did buy an energy drink
  • Brought my lunch to work
  • Planning to eat dinner in tonight.

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