Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day 18

Today I listened to day eighteen of Anthony Robbins Personal Power, a thirty day program to transform your life.

Personal Power Day Eighteen

Anthony says that most people sabotage their finances because they associate pain to having excess money.

The first step to achieving personal wealth is to free yourself from the idea that you are not already wealthy.

Wealth is not just money. Wealth is an abundance of the things you really desire in your life. It is the ability to leverage your money to enjoy experiences that you did not personally generate.

Leverage in your life is everywhere in your life. The quality of life you enjoy is extremely wealthy already. Its extremely unlikely that you had to hunt down your dinner for instance.

You already are wealthy. Wanting to expand that wealth is healthy and natural.

Anthony Robbins explains that most people subconsciously have a certain level of wealth that they think is appropriate for themselves. He states that when trying to generate more wealth that belief limits you and causes you to sabotage yourself and fall back to that level.

He explains that in order to succeed in growing and building your wealth you must eliminate this self sabotage. He explains you can eliminate it by going through the following steps.

  1. Link pain to the belief you want to change
  2. Show your brain an alternative and create massive pleasure

What's standing between you and success?

Real time exercise

1.Write down all of the pain that you presently experience in your life because you don’t have the level of financial abundance that you truly deserve.
  • Missing out on time with my family because I have to work so much
  • Not being able to spoil my wife with gifts and surprises
  • Not being able to put money away for my daughters future
  • Worrying about how I will make it through to my next check and how I will cover my bills
  • Having to limit myself and hold back on things that I want to do but can’t because I don’t have the money
  • Putting off activities and vacations because I don’t feel like I can afford them
  • Not being able to give more to my church
  • Having to ask my father to help me with money again and again
  • Settling and giving up on dreams I used to have to travel and working less or retiring early.
  • Feeling bad about mismanaging my money
2.Write down anything you associate to money
  • Freedom
  • Security
  • Time with loved ones
3. Write down things you remember hearing about money
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
  • We cant afford that
  • You have to be careful how you spend your money
  • Take care of pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves
  • Someday you can have this
  • We struggled so much with money
  • That’s for rich people
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
4.Make a list of all the benefits having financial abundance would create in your life
  • I would feel more secure and not worry so much
  • I would feel proud of my finances
  • I could drive the car I want
  • I could buy the house of my dreams instead of being practical and compromising
  • I could travel and enjoy more experiences
  • I could share more time with my loved ones
  • I could sleep in
  • I could work less
  • I could work on something i was passionate about instead of my job
  • I could spoil my wife and daughter with gifts
  • I could enjoy my life more
  • I could eat out and not go to war with myself about spending more than I should
  • I could give money back to my father instead of taking from him
5.Create some ways to interrupt the patterns of the sayings you heard growing up.
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness but it certainly helps me feel happier
  • That’s for rich people like me
  • We can’t afford that only because we don’t want it enough
  • Money doesn’t grow on trees it grows from the value I add


  1. Focus on having financial abundance not just getting by
  2. Daily condition your mind for wealth
  3. Get some role models and get a great vehicle to achieve financial abundance
  4. Make sure that on an ongoing basis you experience yourself as a giver. (I reviewed a book here on this concept)
  5. Create experiences with money that create tremendous pleasure for yourself and those around you.

Daily Exercise

Write down three ideas how to make more money
  1. Improve my working income by improving my performance at work and having my wife return to work
  2. Invest more money into my income investing portfolio by reducing expenses
  3. Keep working on my blog

What's standing between you and success?


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