May Income Portfolio Review

My Income Investing Portfolio Review-May 2018

In May my income portfolio produced a total of $126.40 in dividends and distributions. This is obviously not a huge sum but in comparison to previous years it has increased.

Last May (2017) it produced only $66.51 and only $27.15 in 2016. In 2015 it was even less $14.31.

What stocks paid in may?

  • PCI-33.88
  • ECC-$25.00
  • OXLC-$20.83
  • NHF-$19.19
  • KBWY-$10.93
  • O-$9.49
  • Main-$7.08

My income investing portfolio currently has a forward annual expected income of $2880.96

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My current holdings and strategy

My Current holdings are primarily high yield income stocks. I own mostly Reits and Cefs.

I have chosen these stocks because I believe that these high current income stocks will help produce and boost the initial dividend income that I will later divert into other “safer” stocks with higher expected dividend growth and market ETfs such as the Vanguard S&P 500 fund.

Currently all dividends and distributions are reinvested back into the same stock or fund that paid them. I intend to continue to do this until my total income is larger and then use the income to begin to diversify into those other investment strategies.

VER- Vereit Inc.

  • Quantity-957.25 shares
  • Annual dividend-$.55
  • Expected annual income-$526.49

O- Realty Income

  • Quantity-43.42 shares
  • Annual dividend-$2.63
  • Expected annual income-$114.19

NRZ- New Residential

  • Quantity-180
  • Annual dividend-$2.00
  • Expected annual income-$360.00

UNIT- Uniti Group Inc.

  • Quantity-143.45
  • Annual dividend-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$344.28

KBWY- Powershares KBW Premium Yield Equity Reit

  • Quantity-61.62
  • Annual distribution-$2.59
  • Expected annual income-$159.60

PCI- Pimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund

  • Quantity-208.01
  • Annual distribution-$1.97
  • Expected annual income-$409.78

NHF- NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund

  • Quantity-96.83
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$232.39

MAIN- Main Street Capital Corporation

  • Quantity 37.41
  • Annual dividend-$2.83
  • Expected annual income-$105.87

ECC- Eagle Point Credit Company

  • Quantity-156.35
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$375.24

OXLC- Oxford Lane Capital Corporation

  • Quantity-156.25
  • Annual distribution-$1.62
  • Expected annual income-$253.12


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