Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Twenty Two

Earlier this morning I listened to day twenty two of Anthony Robbins Personal Power, a thirty day program to transform your life.

Personal Power Day Twenty Two

What's standing between you and success?
On day 22 Anthony Robbins begins by talking about self sabotage. He reveals that many people start to sabotage themselves when they begin to achieve a new level of success in their lives.

He explains that there are several reasons for this but the main reason is that people have an association of pain to success or to what they think will come with that success. Remember that your brain is always trying to achieve a positive outcome but if your brain has mixed associations to success it may begin to stop your progress.

He cautions you to not jump to the conclusion that you are self sabotaging right away though. You might just need to change your approach by trying something different.

Self sabotage is something that is more of a tendency or pattern, not just a mistake or when something doesn’t work out like you expected.

Think about if there a place in your life where you suffer from self sabotage.

If there is, don’t worry, you can change it by following these steps:

How to end self sabotage

  1. Identify the behavior
  2. What is the positive intent
  3. Get leverage to make the change by associating pain to not changing and pleasure to changing
  4. Interrupt the pattern, you can use his eraser technique or the dickens pattern
  5. Install a new belief that will support you

Tony then goes on to talk about self confidence and how to create unstoppable self confidence.

He explains that self confidence is nothing but an emotional state of mind. Remember that you can change your state using two primary methods. Using your physical body or changing what you focus on.

To create unstoppable self confidence you must change how you use your body radically. Stand tall and breathe deeply. Move in a confident way to generate self confidence.

Can’t you tell when someone is confident before they even speak to you? That’s because they stand and move with confidence. You can do it too. Anthony says to walk around like you have a cape on your back.

Tony reminds you that the second way to create unstoppable self confidence is to control your mental focus because that determines how you feel.

If you are thinking about how things might not work you will feel the pain of that. He has you do an exercise where you hope something will happen and then compare that to when you expect that it will happen.

The Success Cycle

Tony explains that success starts with your beliefs, although potential is unlimited if you have negative beliefs it doesn’t matter how much action you take, you will not get the result you want. He explains this cycle keeps repeating.

He explains that when things begin to work out positively this begins to shape your beliefs, tapping more of your potential and taking more action, creating more or better beliefs.

He also illustrates how this happens in the the negative, when things don’t work out for the positive. Even though you may have taken massive action if things didn’t work out and you allow that result to start to alter your beliefs, you will begin to use less of your potential. Then you will take less action and get even worse results. Which in turn confirms your negative beliefs repeating the cycle.

What's standing between you and success?

Live Exercise

Tony then has you do an exercise with him during the audio. He has you stand up and lift your right hand up in front of you to your shoulder point your finger.

Then he ask you to turn clockwise as far as you can and make a mental note of how far you went. He then has you visualize doing it three times but each time going even further.

He then ask you to do the exercise again physically and notice how much further you turned.

You turned further because you rehearsed doing it in your mind and created a belief that it was possible to go further.

Daily Exercise Day Twenty Two

Write down five of your greatest successes from your past.

  • One of my greatest successes was when I first found out my wife was pregnant. I was scared how I was going to grow up and be ready to have a child of my own. I was working at a temporary job at the time and not earning a lot of money doing it. Shortly after finding out my wife was pregnant I was able to secure my current job and at that time I increased my income four times over what I was previously earning.
  • Another of my greatest successes was when I asked my wife to marry me. Part of me knew that she would say yes but another part of me worried if we were ready to take that next step. I remember going to look at rings with my mother and not liking any of them. I finally found a place that would let me create my own ring and with my mothers help I designed a one of a kind ring to propose to my wife with. I remember taking her to this restaurant that was way too fancy for us and the staff helped me arrange everything.
  • Another one of my greatest successes is that in the month before my daughter was born I was able to earn the largest monthly bonus check I have ever received. With that check I was able to afford to take the entire next month off of work to spend with my wife and newborn daughter.
  • I would say another one of my successes has been that during the first few years after my wife had our daughter I was able to support us on one income. I am so happy to have been able to do that since my daughter got to spend much longer at home with her mom then most children get to. Even though I am making less money now, I still feel like a success for being able to support us during that time.
  • Another one of my successes is when I was able to secure my first position working as an automotive service advisor. I was trained and have the education of an automotive technician and most mechanics would not be able to handle the transition to working in sales and customer service. I remember visiting countless dealerships and being turned away or told that they would hire me as a mechanic but not for sales. This went on for months. I kept pushing and trying until I found a place that gave me an opportunity to work in sales. That job experience later helped me land my current job that allowed me to buy my house, my wife a new car, and support my family for the past three years. We might be struggling a little bit now but it could really have ended up so much worse for us.

What's standing between you and success?


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