Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Twenty Three

Earlier today I listened to Anthony Robbins Personal Power day twenty three, part of his thirty day program to change your life.

Personal Power Day Twenty Three

Anthony Robbins devotes day twenty-threes audio to speaking about how to increase your physical energy. He shares two ways that he recommends to do this.

Using your breath to increase your energy

Tony shares a breathing technique to help stimulate your bodies lymphatic system. He states that deep breathing will help increase your bodies ability to cleanse toxins from itself using your bodies lymph system.

Your bodies lymph system is one of the many ways that your body cleans itself.He explains that your lymph system is stimulated by deep diaphragmatic breathing that can be reached by aerobic exercise or a breathing technique he recommends.

The ratio is 1-4-2. For example if you inhale through you nose for 2 seconds you would hold your breath for 8 seconds and inhale out of your mouth.

Tony advises you to breathe in this ratio ten times at least three times a day. He challenges you to do this consistently for the next ten days and see how it effects your energy level.

Adjusting your diet to increase your energy level

The other thing he recommends you do is eat water content foods like fruits and vegetables. He says the easiest way to do this is to incorporate a salad with every meal.

What's standing between you and success?


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