Anthony Robbins Personal Power Day Twenty Four

Today I listened to day twenty four of Anthony Robbins Personal Power, a thirty day program to change your life.

Personal Power Day Twenty Four

Today Anthony Robbins speaks about the power of relationships in your life.

He shares his opinion that he believes most people don’t achieve the kind of relationship’s they want because they are looking for their relationship to be the solution to their problems.

He suggest instead of going to a relationship thinking about what you will get out of it you should go into a relationship thinking about what you can give.

He says that when you are giving and looking what you can give in your relationship you are automatically put into a loving and supportive state. Out of this state you will approach your relationship in a much more effective way.

He shares another “rule” about relationships that you should always be trying to improve your relationship constantly. Keep growing your love just like you did early in the relationship.

He also cautions you to be careful of what you subconsciously associate to your partner. He reminds you that whenever you are in a strong negative emotional state your brain makes associations to your surroundings and the people around you. Over time you may accidentally get this pain linked in your mind to your partner.

Work at creating memorable moments and positive experiences with your partner. Give what you most want to receive in your relationship.
What's standing between you and success?


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