Income Investing Portfolio Update

On Tuesday June 5th I sold 43 more shares of UNIT at $22.14 a share. This brings down my percent of portfolio income from UNIT down to a level I am more comfortable with. I decided to keep some shares because I still have faith the company will successfully navigate the next few years even though its largest tenant WIN is struggling.

When WIN eliminated its dividend and started to perform worse UNIT shares followed downward. I purchased A LOT more see this post for my history with UNIT. I decided to do this because I believed, as I still do, that UNIT has the ability to survive a WIN bankruptcy since the assets the lease to WIN are critical to their operation.

I am down to just over 100 shares of UNIT which if the current dividend is maintained will provide about $240 annually.

update-I was able to reinvest the money from shares of UNIT stock into ECC later in the day. I purchased 53 more shares of ECC at $17.98.

My current portfolio forward income increased slightly to $2907.83

VER-$526.49-18.11% of total

ECC-$502.45-17.28% of total

PCI-$412.63-14.19% of total

NRZ-$360.00-12.38% of total

OXLC-$253.12-8.70% of total

UNIT-$241.09-8.29% of total

NHF-$232.39-7.99% of total

KBWY-$159.60-5.49% of total

O-$114.19-3.93% of total

MAIN-$105.87-3.64% of total


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