Introduction to Web Development-Html Part One

Introduction to Web Development

There are 3 programming languages that are essential to web development. These languages are Html, CSS, and Javascript.

Html is used to create the basic framework and text of a website. This is done by using tags < > to create different effects when the html text file is viewed in a browser. Css is used to style the text and control the layout of the website. Javascript will control interactive elements and special effects.

Html basics

Html is the most basic so we will start there. The foundation of any website begins with html. There are several basic sections of an html webpage.

The first line of code in a html text file will always define that it is a html file.

This is done by using <!doctype html> and <html> tags. The next section is the <head> and contains the website title (what displays on the browser tab.) This is done by using the <title> tag. The actual webpage is contained inside of the <body> tag. At the end of each section there will almost always be a closing tag.

A Simple Website Example

So a very simple website code will start with something like this:

<!doctype html>


<head><title>My Website’s Title</title> </head>


My simple website example would display this text on the page. The text within the title tags above would display on the browser tab.



Creating Links and Images

Html is also used to create links. This is done by using a different tag sometimes referred to as an anchor tag. For example this code would create a link to that would display as click here to go to

<a href=”http:/”> click here to go to</a>

Html is also used to display images. This is done using the following tag.

<img src=”image url”>


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