My Income Investing Portfolio-June Review

My Income Investing Portfolio Review-June 2018

My Income Investing Portfolio-My Investing Strategy

My Current holdings are primarily high yield income stocks and funds.

I have chosen these stocks because I believe that these high current income stocks will help produce and boost the initial dividend income so that later I can divert that income into other “safer” stocks with higher expected dividend growth and market ETFs.

Currently all of my dividends and distributions are set to automatically be reinvested back into the same stock or fund that paid them. I intend to continue to do this until my total income is larger and then use the income flow to begin to diversify into other investments. Click here to read more about my investing strategy


My current holdings

VER- Vereit Inc.

  • Quantity-957.25 shares
  • Annual dividend-$.55
  • Expected annual income-$526.49

O- Realty Income

  • Quantity-43.60 shares
  • Annual dividend-$2.63
  • Expected annual income-$114.67

NRZ- New Residential

  • Quantity-180
  • Annual dividend-$2.00
  • Expected annual income-$360.00

UNIT- Uniti Group Inc.

  • Quantity-100.45
  • Annual dividend-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$241.09

KBWY- Powershares KBW Premium Yield Equity Reit

  • Quantity-61.94
  • Annual distribution-$2.57
  • Expected annual income-$159.18

PCI- Pimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund

  • Quantity-209.46
  • Annual distribution-$1.97
  • Expected annual income-$412.63

NHF- NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund

  • Quantity-97.71
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$234.50

MAIN- Main Street Capital Corporation

  • Quantity 37.87
  • Annual dividend-$2.83
  • Expected annual income-$107.17

ECC- Eagle Point Credit Company

  • Quantity-209.35
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$502.45

OXLC- Oxford Lane Capital Corporation

  • Quantity-158.28
  • Annual distribution-$1.62
  • Expected annual income-$256.41

My Annual Expected Income

My income portfolio currently has a forward annual expected income total of $2,914.59

This represents an increase of $271.38 since I began writing on my blog just a few months ago. I have not even added any significant amount of new cash to my portfolio. If I had been adding fresh money to my portfolio my income would be even higher today.

Click here to view my first investing portfolio post

June 2018

In June my income portfolio produced a total of $154.64 in dividends and distributions.

All of this was reinvested back into the stocks that paid them except ECC which for some reason did not reinvest. I am okay with this since ECC is now generating a pretty large percent of my portfolio’s total income.

My historic June income

  • June 2017-$72.05
  • June 2016-$98.86
  • June 2015-$63.29

What stocks paid me in June?

  • ECC-$41.87
  • PCI-$34.13
  • OXLC-$21.09
  • NHF-$19.37
  • Main-$17.45
  • KBWY-$11.19
  • O-$9.53
  • Interest-$.01

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