I Bought a New Vape and I Love It

I bought a new vape

I have been vaping instead of smoking for a few months now and I decided that I wanted to try another vape. I was using the Endura T22 by Innokin and I still love that vape but I wanted to get something smaller and more portable to bring to work.

I began researching different options and have a few coworkers that have been using an extremely popular vape called the Juul. Naturally I decided to do some research before committing any of my hard earned dollars towards another vape.

Meet the Juul

The Juul is a cool small “ultra” portable device that uses a sealed pod system rather than a refillable reservoir and replaceable coil system like most vapes. The Juul is about the size of a usb drive which makes it very lightweight and convenient to travel with.

There are many great things about the Juul. It looks and feels high quality and hits nice. Juul uses a different kind of e-liquid called nicotine salt liquid to deliver a strong buzz. Nicotine salt liquid results in a closer effect to smoking a traditional cigarette because of its higher nicotine concentration.

There is a decent variety of available pod flavors and they are generally good and due to it’s growing popularity many gas stations are now carrying the replacement juul pods and devices.

The pod system essentially replaces coil maintenance as pods contain the coil and are not reusable. This is especially convenient compared to a larger vape because you never know when a coil will get that burnt taste and need replacing.

Sometimes this leaves you with no replacement coil available or carrying around spare parts all the time when they may not be needed. This can be dangerous if you are vaping to aid in quitting smoking like I am.

The inner addict in you may freak out and be triggered to buy cigarettes out of frustration or stress with no alternative other than a foul and burnt flavored vape.

However, I decided not to go with the Juul for a few reasons.

  1. None of the flavors particularly intrigued me even though my coworkers and online reviews assured me they were all excellent.
  2. For such a small device it is expensive, I was able to purchase my other vape for only $30 so spending $50 on a smaller vape did not make sense to me.
  3. The pods are sealed and only contain .7 ml of juice. I was afraid that I would be spending A LOT more than before buying the pods.
  4. The Juul uses a funky magnetic charging connector and my life has been plagued by disappearing and damaged iPhone chargers already. I do not need another kind of charging cable to be worried about in my life.

So what vape did I purchase instead?

After a few weeks of research and thinking about it I decided to order a similar and I believe better version of the Juul. The vape that I bought is called Fit by Smok.

Reasons I bought the Fit instead of the Juul

  1. The pods in the Fit are refillable. This means I can purchase any nicotine salt nicotine liquid I want and it is cheaper. Pods and liquid must be purchased separately as the coil still comes integral to the pod.
  2. The pod is able to hold over twice as much liquid as the Juul Pods. 2ml vs .7ml
  3. The battery last longer than the Juul
  4. The Fit is cheaper than the Juul. I purchased mine from VaporDNA.com for only $18 compared to $50 for the Juul.

The only downside is that the Fit is slightly larger than the Juul, but still very small and portable.

With my vape I ordered two nic. salt flavors which I really really enjoy

They are:


2 thoughts on “I Bought a New Vape and I Love It

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  2. Great post! I’m glad you like you’re vape, they’re such a better alternative to smoking. Have you every tried CBD oil? Joe Rogan talked about it on his podcast, and I want to give that a whirl. Oh! By the way, beware of the ingredient “diacetyl.” It’s a flavoring in some vape juices and it’s bad news. But yeah, annnyway. See you next time šŸ™‚


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