Commit to Financial Independence-Write Your Goals Daily

I am Committed to Achieving Financial Independence

Yesterday I wrote that I was planning to redouble my efforts to achieving my financial independence. I have made this decision because I am tired of living below my potential. Click here to view that post

I am disgusted with myself when I look at how much I owe on my credit cards. It’s disgusting because I know that if I had been more intelligent in how I spent my money then I could be out of debt and have massive savings.

I am 100% committed to turning around my finances and I want to do it as fast as possible. I intend to be out of debt before the end of this year. Or sooner.

How will I do it?

To accomplish this worthy goal I have to commit to massive changes in my habits and routines.

The first change I will make is commit to writing my goals down every single day. I will do this before I even leave my house in the morning. I will write down my goals again at least one more time before going to sleep.

This is a technique advised by Grant Cardone. He recommends and does this himself to constantly feed your obsessions and keep you hyper focused on what’s most important in your life. Goals are to written in the present tense as if they have already been accomplished.

My goals

I have already written down my goals today. A few of my goals are:

  • I am a passionate and loving husband
  • I do not spend money unless it brings me closer to the achievement of one of my goals
  • I am committed to creating financial independence to provide for and protect my family
  • I am saving more money than ever before
  • I am out of debt and have massive savings
  • My income portfolio provides more income than ever before and is growing
  • I am helping other people improve their own lives by writing on my blog

3 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence-Write Your Goals Daily

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