How Much is Being Broke Costing You?

How much is being broke costing you?

Are you broke? I am.

Do you worry about your financial future? I do.

Do you find yourself telling yourself stories like “money isn’t everything.” Or “I don’t need to be rich.” I do.

Do you owe more money than you are proud to share? I do.

Do you consistently struggle paying your bills? I do.

Do you argue with your spouse about money and how it gets spent? I do.

Do you constantly fight with yourself before making any purchase? I do.

Do you have regrets about how you spent your money in the past? I do.

Do you feel overwhelmed? I do.

Are you tired of feeling that way? I know I am.

Are you ready to do whatever it takes to change it? I am.

I don’t know how I have fallen behind so quickly. I used to save money every single month and now I find myself even more in the negative month after month. It makes me absolutely sick inside.

I am so done with being and feeling broke and I am ready to change.

I feel like I have let myself and my family down.


5 thoughts on “How Much is Being Broke Costing You?

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  2. Something must have changed, maybe the cost of the items that you always buy, spending on extra items,less pay etc, If you don’t know what it is yet, find out. It will give you a starting point to solving the problem.
    Always try to eliminate negative thoughts and practice affirmations.


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