Commit to Financial Independence- Find Your Why

Commit to Financial Independence- Find Your Why

For the past few days I have been talking about my newly redoubled goal to become financially independent but I just realized I haven’t talked about why I ever even want that goal. Of course, with a worthy goal like financial independence it’s easy to imagine why someone would desire it.

Success is your duty

I truly feel that financial success and massive wealth creation is my duty and responsibility to my family. When I am not succeeding I am letting my loved ones down.

It’s not just about the money either.

My family needs me to be successful

My daughter wakes up each day in a house that my money pays for. She eats food that my wages bought. She wears the clothes that I can afford. She plays with toys that I helped provide. I could continue indefinitely.

She is probably too young to be aware of what money is but she still needs me to generate an abundance of wealth.

My daughters ability to have exciting and engaging positive life experiences is directly correlated to how much abundance I am able to generate.

Her concept of money and saving will literally be shaped by what she sees me doing. If she sees me mishandling my finances it’s likely she will learn to do the same.

It’s not only my daughter that is affected by my success with finances. This concept goes out much larger than that. It effects every single person in my life and even people I will never know indirectly.

The economy depends on my success with money

The American economy literally depends on it’s participants to earn more than enough money. When people can’t afford to spend discretionary income the economy begins to contract and enter recession.

When people stop buying from businesses they begin to cut jobs or cut hours or find ways to lower employee pay. Those employees now with even less money to spend still aren’t buying.

This is the problem with only having one way to earn your income. Should something disrupt that income flow you are left with reduced or no income.

We live in a financially driven world, I wish people would start talking and thinking more about money instead of acting like it’s something we should be ashamed to speak about publicly.


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