Commit to Financial Independence – Get to Work

Commit to Financial Independence – Get to Work

Goal setting should be performed daily to inspire yourself to start thinking about creating the life you desire.

I have been writing my goals from scratch every day for a few weeks.

Setting lofty goals without actually doing anything to make them happen simply will not work.

It is not the end step.

Get to Work

For the past few days I have not been writing here too much, but I have definitely been at work on the other parts of my plan. See this post about my plan.

My wife and I have started talking more about our dreams and ideas about our future together.

To achieve financial independence we believe the first thing that needs to be done is to increase our income. We do not believe that we can save ourselves to being wealthy.

At my job I have been coming in earlier, working smarter and harder, and selling more as a result.

My wife is also getting a raise for getting another certification. This will allow us to make and save more money.

I feel like we are starting to turn things around and are beginning to reduce our debt and increase our savings.

Thanks GC!


9 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Get to Work

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  2. That is great to hear -you are on the right path. But the second part is to optimise spending on everything but u derwtanding What you spend and Where u bleed money unneccesarily. I never cared much about saving at all. I believe that hard work pays off starting with your Education. It Did for me. My main goal was always to increase my income by Focusing on collecting the right experience at work but also outside. I would start something and keep at it until i mastered it, whether it was Excel, or PowerPoint, Analytics, sales, management skills, or through Things like What is now called house and Travel hacking. Keep it up and keep track.


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  4. Thanks for the like on my post, liking the look of your content so have subscribed for more.

    Regarding the post – I was wondering if you and your wife were doing calculations for what you see financial independence as. I have found it a useful exercise to put together a balance sheet of all my desires, ambitions and timescales that I worked out when I wanted to achieve so that I could work out how much I would need to have. Then I compared this with my incoming, deducted my outgoings, then from that worked out what my shortfall was.


    1. Good morning, I’m glad you enjoyed reading on my blog. My wife and I used to have aspirations of retiring early to travel and relax however since having our daughter our target has changed to providing an income stream for her, even if that means working longer. We recently made some changes to increase our income and are currently working on finding ways to reduce our spending so that we can continue to pay down our debt level and start adding to our savings and investments. I am a huge fan of writing my goals from scratch daily to help maintain focus on what is most important to me.

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