Commit to Financial Independence – Stick and Stay

Stick and Stay

In my last post I explained that I have started to make progress with turning around my finances. I have managed to stash away some funds and not swipe away adding more debt on my credit cards.

This has been possible mainly because my wife has gone back to work. She has already received a large raise and was assigned more hours because of her performance at work.

I have been performing better at my work earning us more money too.

We have successfully managed to increase our monthly income by several thousand dollars.

This is great progress and we are happy that we have made progress on increasing our income.


The only problem is that we have also been slacking on controlling our expenses.

We have been having lots of fun lately hanging out with friends drinking and smoking.

I am back to smoking a few cigarettes every day. I have been buying one or more energy drinks each day and I haven’t been prepping or packing my meals consistently.

This has been the cycle of my life for years

I will quit smoking and wasting money and start to gain momentum and then I start to lose the drive to maintain my new habits when I get comfortable again.

It’s so frustrating.

I believe you only fail when you give up.

I have not and will not give up.


4 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Stick and Stay

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  3. our bodies are the temples of our souls and should be treated accordingly. Sometimes it gets hard to maintain a healthy living, but then again maybe finding an idea that you love more than a bad habit, might be helpful. Maybe you love the idea of you being for example a healthy father more than yo u like smoking etc… good luck to everyone struggling. never give up


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