Commit to Financial Independence – Be Obsessed or Be Average

When was the last time you thought about your goals? Do you even have goals? Have you written them down? Have you acted on them?

I have been thinking about my goals almost constantly ever since I read Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone.

In the past 55 days I have written my goals from scratch 58 times.

This means more than once a day I paused from my daily routine and sat down, thought about and wrote my goals down. This does not include the times where I reviewed the goals I set earlier instead of writing them from scratch.

Call me selfish or greedy if you want but I have become obsessed with my goals and creating the life I want. You won’t hurt my feelings if you do.

My wife would never say that about me.

This goal setting exercise only takes me about five minutes. I should have done it 50 more times. For that five minutes I am solely focused on what an ideal life means to me.

I have set huge goals for myself. This is not a little to-do list. My goals are so far ahead of where I am living right now that they border on impossible.

However impossible my goals may seem I am fully committed to them. I would rather come up short on an impossible goal. Little goals do not inspire me.

I am not afraid of rejection, failures, or massive effort. I am fearless and obsessed. I want it all. Whatever it takes.

See you there.


5 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Be Obsessed or Be Average

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