Commit to Financial Independence – Be Obsessed or Be Average

When was the last time you thought about your goals? Do you even have goals? Have you written them down? Have you acted on them?

I have been thinking about my goals almost constantly ever since I read Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone.

In the past 55 days I have written my goals from scratch 58 times.

This means more than once a day I paused from my daily routine and sat down, thought about and wrote my goals down. This does not include the times where I reviewed the goals I set earlier instead of writing them from scratch.

Call me selfish or greedy if you want but I have become obsessed with my goals and creating the life I want. You won’t hurt my feelings if you do.

My wife would never say that about me.

This goal setting exercise only takes me about five minutes. I should have done it 50 more times. For that five minutes I am solely focused on what an ideal life means to me.

I have set huge goals for myself. This is not a little to-do list. My goals are so far ahead of where I am living right now that they border on impossible.

However impossible my goals may seem I am fully committed to them. I would rather come up short on an impossible goal. Little goals do not inspire me.

I am not afraid of rejection, failures, or massive effort. I am fearless and obsessed. I want it all. Whatever it takes.

See you there.


6 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Be Obsessed or Be Average

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  3. You are so right about the importance of being focused on your goals, even if they currently seem out of reach. (BHAGs are the best!) I saw on a more recent post that you’ve recently completed five months of consistent blogging, so you’re obviously staying focused on steps you want to take. I’ve been away from writing–and far too many of my other goals–for a long time, but I hope I’ll soon be following in your committed footsteps.


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