Commit to Financial Independence – Smile When You Get Kicked in the Teeth

– My goal –

I have a goal that I have set for myself to create a passive income stream that will provide for my family for generations. I want to know that when I pass away that my loved ones will be taken care of. I am so committed to this goal that I have let go of my previous goal to retire early. That whole early retirement shit doesn’t even excite me anymore.

I do not want to retire. I do not want to drive a fancy car, wear fancy clothing, or live in a mansion. I want to set my daughter up for life. I want to have more kids. At least one more. Having a child is such a blessing. That excites me.

Then I look at my finances and reality kicks me in the teeth.

– My Reality –

I am so far from achieving that goal right now.

  • My budget is beyond busted, in fact I have no planned budget at all.
  • I am barely covering my monthly expenses.
  • My income fluctuates month to month due to being paid commission.
  • My credit card debt has been growing month after month.
  • I just had to pay for a huge plumbing repair.
  • There are other expenses that I keep putting off.
  • I have started paying some bills late.
  • I have been smoking and drinking again.
  • My savings account is down to the lowest point in years if not forever.

What is left of my money is locked away in retirement accounts and I can’t even use it. That might be a good thing though given my track record recently. I don’t even know if putting that money there was the right move. My mom didn’t live to retirement age. What if I don’t make it either?

– Enough Whining Already –

Reading this you would probably think I am some miserable whiny little bitch.

That is so far from true. I almost never complain. I love my life. I have a beautiful wife and daughter. I couldn’t be happier.

I have run into some trouble with money and I owe more than a little money on my credit cards. I have been kicked in teeth a few times. It will probably happen again.

Have I thought about giving up on my financial goals? Almost every day. Will I ever? Not even an option. No matter what.

I will just smile and keep moving forward.

I will turn things around. Watch me.


12 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Smile When You Get Kicked in the Teeth

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    1. I was thinking the exact same thing when I was read my this. While I have never done Financial Peace University, the total money makeover was a life changer. I would recommend re-reading Total Money Makeover to give you perspective and a simple list of where to start to get back on track. I bet the book is at your local library and that’s free. If your path still isn’t clear, then Financial Peace University might be a good investment. I’ve never looked at the cost of the program.

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  2. I really appreciated tour honesty and outlook on life. I’m sure you’ll turn your life around and get back to your goal to retire early and provide a profitable future for your family


  3. That’s great attidute! I think that goals are for people who chase them. Otherwise they are not goals, they just dreams; and we can dream even about unicorns… Chasing your goals, getting closer to achieve it is worth being kicked in the teeth, as when you achieve it, you will be able to be more gratefull for it.
    Great and very motivational post! Great job!

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