Commit to Financial Independence – Focus on Improving

I am still pondering what route I will take concerning my job and possible relocation. I do not want to make an emotional or rushed decision. In the interim I have decided to commit to making some smaller changes in my life.

My hope is that these smaller changes will add up and begin to improve my financial situation.

The most important change

One of the improvements I will be working on is changing my mentality about money and financial success.

I will not continue to approach financial success as something that is optional. My family depends on me and my money to protect and provide for them.

Staying broke is selfish. If I’m struggling to pay my own bills how can I help anyone else?

I am committed to getting rich. When I am rich I will be able to provide for my family and help those around me. Once I have created wealth for myself I will help teach others how to do the same.

Improving my habits

I also want to work towards making some adjustments to my habits and routines.

I do not want to keep smoking and drinking.

I want to start working out again.

I want to start eating more at home and bring my lunch to work.

I want to be smarter with how I spend my money.

At my job

At my work I intend to give my best effort when I am there. I may not be there forever but I am going to be all in until I find something better. I am responsible for the situation I am in. My job didn’t get me into debt, I did.

Its nice to dream that changing jobs and moving somewhere cheaper would magically fix all of my money problems. The reality is that most of my money problems stem from my bad money habits. My situation will not improve until my habits have also improved.

While I continue to reflect on if changing jobs or moving makes sense this will be my focus.


3 thoughts on “Commit to Financial Independence – Focus on Improving

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