I am Turning Twenty Seven

Today is My Birthday

Today I am turning twenty seven years old. I believe time is the most precious asset that anyone can have. Twenty seven years is equivalent to only 9,855 days. 9,855 days is only 236,520 hours. That has been my life.

I have learned many things in my time here. I have accomplished many things in that time. What excites me the most is thinking about what I will do in the future.

I think about my goals for the future almost every day. Today will be no different.

My goals

  • I am a passionate and loving father and husband
  • I am able to protect and provide for my family
  • I am out of debt and have massive savings
  • I am earning over $10,000 each month through my work as an automotive service advisor
  • I am one of the best salesmen at my job and I am still improving
  • I have created multiple growing passive income flows that provide a total of over $5,000 each month


4 thoughts on “I am Turning Twenty Seven

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