My Sixth Month Blogging

Today marks the completion of my sixth full month of writing here on Evan’s Way- the Blog. I am super happy with my blog and have really enjoyed writing and reading on other blogs.

Psst…If this is your first time at my blog please read my first blog post.

The coolest part about the whole blogging thing to me is that anyone in the world can read my post. In only six months alone my writing has been read by people in 60 different countries. That just blows my mind.

I have been blessed to have my post read by 1,061 unique visitors these past six months and have been followed by some of them already.

I can’t thank all of you enough for reading here on my blog.

I have already written a total of 99 blog post here covering a variety of subjects as my interest and focus have changed.

My Sixth Month Here

The past month has been difficult for me. October is the month that my mother passed away three years ago so I have been thinking a lot about my mother. I am also still struggling with getting my finances back in order. This is something that really effects my day to day life in a negative way.

My wife and I have been discussing making a major change to improve our finances. We have been considering moving and changing jobs. We both want to improve our ability to provide for our daughter.

If you followed a long with me this past month I only posted a few times.

Thank You All For Your Support

I want to thank every one of the people who have read my post, liked them, and followed me. I hope you all have enjoyed reading my post as much as I enjoyed sharing them.

I have so many more ideas to write about and can’t wait to see what the future holds for my blog…

Thanks again everyone.


4 thoughts on “My Sixth Month Blogging

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  2. The sky is the limit…! And something I’m still learning is to give more focus to the positives and affirmative in life… as that is what energy understands and attracts more of. To think more… “the glass is half full than half empty”…easier said than done… I’m still learning myself!!!


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