My Income Investing Portfolio Monthly Review – October 2018

My Income Investing Portfolio Monthly Review-October 2018

My Income Investing Portfolio Strategy

I have chosen high current income stocks to produce and grow my initial dividend income stream.

Currently all of my dividends and distributions are set to automatically be reinvested back into the same stock or fund that paid them.

I intend to continue using this strategy until my total income is larger and then transition to using that income flow to begin to diversify into other investments.

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My current holdings

VER- Vereit Inc.

  • Quantity-993.60 shares
  • Annual dividend-$.55
  • Expected annual income-$546.48

O- Realty Income

  • Quantity-44.28 shares
  • Annual dividend-$2.65
  • Expected annual income-$117.34

NRZ- New Residential

  • Quantity-190.17
  • Annual dividend-$2.00
  • Expected annual income-$380.34

UNIT- Uniti Group Inc.

  • Quantity-106.50
  • Annual dividend-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$255.60

KBWY- Powershares KBW Premium Yield Equity Reit

  • Quantity-63.28
  • Annual distribution-$2.42
  • Expected annual income-$153.14

PCI- Pimco Dynamic Credit and Mortgage Income Fund

  • Quantity-215.23
  • Annual distribution-$1.97
  • Expected annual income-$424.00

NHF- NexPoint Strategic Opportunities Fund

  • Quantity-101.25
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$243.00

MAIN- Main Street Capital Corporation

  • Quantity 38.62
  • Annual dividend-$2.89
  • Expected annual income-$111.61

ECC- Eagle Point Credit Company

  • Quantity-209.35
  • Annual distribution-$2.40
  • Expected annual income-$502.45

OXLC- Oxford Lane Capital Corporation

  • Quantity-166.44
  • Annual distribution-$1.62
  • Expected annual income-$269.63

My Annual Expected Income

My income portfolio currently provides a forward annual expected income total of $3,003.59 and is currently valued at $31,473

My income continues to go up slowly even though I have not been able to invest much new money lately.

It has been mostly on autopilot slowly growing itself through reinvestment except for a few tweaks and adding tiny amounts of cash when possible.

One of my huge goals is to create an income stream that can provide for my family for generations.

I intend to hold through the next market correction whenever it comes and I am excited to watch my income grow at even faster rates while investing at lower prices.

October 2018

In October my income portfolio produced a total of $436.03 in dividends and distributions.

My historic October income

  • 2017-$444.80
  • 2016-$143.53

What stocks paid me in October?

  • VER-$133.98
  • NRZ-$92.50
  • UNIT-$61.94
  • ECC-$41.87
  • PCI-$35.07
  • OXLC-$22.18
  • NHF-$20.07
  • O-$9.73
  • KBWY-$11.20
  • Main-$7.49

2 thoughts on “My Income Investing Portfolio Monthly Review – October 2018

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  2. Time, Value, Money

    Very interesting post. Have you ever thought of using options to increase what you make from dividends? Specifically UNIT has good liquidity and might be worth looking into selling covered calls against.


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