My rant on the purpose of money and my free advise on earning more

My rant on the purpose of money today

For me money has several main uses but one of the most important is that having money provides security. Without money you can not survive in this modern day society. You need a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, and much more things to just cover your basic human needs.

The amazing part about our economic system is that instead of having to hunt and farm for our food we are able to easily purchase anything we need or want from stores. I did not have to create the iphone to use it to write this post. I simply purchased it with money I earned from my job. There are an infinite number of other examples but you get my point.

The unfortunate part about this is that how things are set up now even just living will require you to have money. This means you either need a (huge) sum to draw down on or you need to have a steady stream of income coming in either from working or some other form of passive income.

We need money

If money is clearly a requirement for living why does nobody want to even talk about it? I hear people complaining about not having enough but rarely ever hear anyone talking about what they are doing to earn more. Nobody has ever told me “Dude I am rich!” Not even once in 27 years.

This whining and complaining about money is all around today. People will complain at all price points because prices are all made up anyway. I feel like most people have given up on becoming rich and are actively trying to convince others to do the same thing. People are so afraid to make bad money choices that they end up making bad money choices.

Have you really tried to get rich?

I believe that most people haven’t really tried to get rich though. I am talking about obsession level effort and approach. Myself included. If we all actually tried to get rich instead of trying to make ourselves happy and comfortable we could certainly be closer to being rich than we are today.

I believe earning more money is not difficult and I think there are actually only a few ways to do it. You could work more. You could get better at your job. You could change jobs. You could build a passive income source. This is obviously not a complete list but covers the general idea I want to convey.

It really is not all that complex. If you work more then you will earn more. If you get better at your job then you will earn more. If you learn a new job or change employers within the same career you might be able to earn more but this might not work out.

Building a passive income source

The last one is building a passive income source and it is clearly the best one of them all. Passive income allows you to do all or most of the “work” upfront but then allows you to enjoy the results again and again.

I believe there are many ways to earn passive income but my two favorites after years of research and thinking are investing in income producing stocks and investing in multifamily real estate.

If you have less than $100,000 to invest towards creating a passive income source then I believe you should be buying high income producing stocks and reinvesting that income to create more income. Once you have accumulated over $100,000 then you should start looking into real estate deals.

Real estate allows you to use leverage and debt to purchase an asset that will provide future income. I believe purchasing apartments and then renting them out will reduce your income risk since people will always need a place to live. The internet can not change this.

My advise on earning more

My advise to earning more money would follow this same train of thought and is exactly what I am doing. I would first analyze if you can work more. Then I would look into improving your job performance. If you are already the rockstar at your current job but you aren’t earning what you want then I would look for other opportunities within that same career or analyze if changing careers makes sense. Make earning more money an obsession instead of a prayer and it will happen.

Throughout this whole process I would be working on growing a passive income source. This process can take years to produce the desired income you want. Income compounding increases over time as passive income is reinvested along with additional money added over time.

I believe my personal solution to increasing my income is to get better at my current job and to work more. My current job is 100% commission and getting better will directly improve my pay. Another part is controlling my expenses better but I believe that is less important than increasing income. I believe that if I do eventually have to leave my job that getting even better at it will only help me secure an alternative position.

I have been saving and investing since I started working at 16. My projected income from my income portfolio is at its highest level ever and continues to increase whether I add money to it or not.

Currently my portfolio’s forward annual income is $3,047.17. The market prices have been going down lately and I am getting more excited about being able to increase my income at a faster rate. This is contrary to most people who are starting to be afraid of stock market prices going down.

I do not care that my stocks might be worth a little bit less or even a lot less as long as my income continues to increase. Income is what is real and pays my bills. Remember prices are all made up. This provides me piece of mind and I am actually excited for the market to crash. I am not afraid.

There are already some incredible prices available at the moment. I am sitting tight and have no intention to sell my stocks. I am hoping to be able to increase my active income by getting better at my job and be able to buy some more income producing assets.


4 thoughts on “My rant on the purpose of money and my free advise on earning more

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  2. By most standards my wife and I are rich. When I started my first job I made $300 per month. Later, after I left the US Navy my first job as a married man paid $600 per month. My wife and I saved 3% from that to begin saving for retirement. Our monthly passive income from investments is now close to $100,000 per year. Of course I also receive Social Security, so we don’t spend much of the investment income. Rather, I reinvest it to gain even more passive income. I like to give gifts to family members and to ministries that make a difference in the lives of others, so the goal isn’t to be rich to be happy, but to be rich towards others and respectful towards God who gave us health and riches.


  3. You said: If we all actually tried to get rich instead of trying to make ourselves happy and comfortable we could certainly be closer to being rich than we are today.

    What does that mean? Numerous studies have proven that money does buy happiness, up to a certain point. As you say, we need money for basic survival needs, food, shelter, clothes, etc. NO ONE is happy in poverty. But being mega-rich isn’t a ticket to happiness either. Then, once you’re very very rich, you’re on the hedonic treadmill for the rest of your life. You need more and more material goods because you have a happiness set point, and you need to keep raising the bar on yourself. More money more money more money


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