All post in order

For those of you who would like to read my post starting from the beginning.

  1. The Journey Begins
  2. Income Investing-My Strategy
  3. My Holdings-log 1
  4. Starting Point
  5. What Are You Working For?
  6. Day One is Done
  7. Wednesday in review
  8. Eat as much as you want (without getting fat)
  9. Change is Not Easy
  10. Spending Report
  11. Portfolio Holdings log 2
  12. Book Review – The Go-Giver
  13. Sunday Was a Fun Day
  14. Meal Prepping On Monday
  15. Income Investing Portfolio Log # 3
  16. How I Saved $150 this week
  17. Why I Love My Church
  18. Working on my fortune
  19. Daily spending update
  20. Quit Smoking, Start Vaping
  21. Book Review- The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck
  22. Make Your Mother Proud
  23. Daily Spending Update
  24. Social media? What went wrong?
  25. Daily Spending-Week 2
  26. Vape Juice
  27. Investing update
  28. Personal Power Day One
  29. Personal Power Day Two
  30. Personal Power Day Three
  31. Personal Power Day Four
  32. Daily Spending-Week Three
  33. Back in the gym-day one
  34. Personal Power Day Five
  35. How much does vaping cost?
  36. My first month blogging
  37. Credit Card Debt Tracker Week One
  38. Income Investment Portfolio Update
  39. Personal Power Day Eight
  40. Personal Power Day Nine
  41. My Most Successful Investment
  42. Personal Power Day Ten
  43. Saving More Tracking-week 4
  44. Personal Power Day Eleven
  45. Getting Back in the Gym-Week Two
  46. Personal Power Day Twelve
  47. Credit Card Debt Tracker Week Two
  48. Personal Power Day Fifteen
  49. Personal Power Day Sixteen
  50. Saving More Tracker-Week Five
  51. Personal Power Day Seventeen
  52. Personal Power Day Eighteen
  53. Meal Prepping on My Day Off
  54. Getting Back in the Gym-Day Three
  55. May 2018 Income Investing Portfolio Update
  56. Personal Power Day Nineteen
  57. Credit Card Debt Tracking-Week Three
  58. Personal Power Day Twenty Two
  59. Personal Power Day Twenty Three
  60. Personal Power Day Twenty Four
  61. Income Investing Portfolio Update
  62. Saving More Tracker-Week Six
  63. Personal Power Day Twenty Five
  64. Personal Power Day Twenty Six
  65. Getting Back in the Gym-Workout Four
  66. A Simple Small Meal Prep
  67. My Second Month Blogging
  68. Grant Cardone’s Millionaire Booklet-How to get Super Rich
  69. Web Development-Html Part One
  70. Sunday’s Meal Prep
  71. Web Development-Html Part Two
  72. How to get Super Rich-Millionaire Math
  73. Thursday’s Meal Prep
  74. My Income Investing Portfolio-June 2018 Review
  75. Sunday Night Meal Prep
  76. Independence Day 2018
  77. I Bought a New Vape and I Love It
  78. Commit to Financial Independence-Write Your Goals Daily
  79. How Much is Being Broke Costing You
  80. Commit to Financial Independence- Find Your Why
  81. Save Money With Meal Prepping
  82. Commit to Financial Independence-Take the Next Step
  83. My Third Month Blogging
  84. Commit to Financial Independence – Get to Work
  85. Income Portfolio Review – July 2018
  86. Commit to Financial Independence – Stick and Stay
  87. Commit to Financial Independence – You Need to Increase Your Income
  88. Commit to Financial Independence – Don’t Spend the Difference
  89. My Fourth Month Blogging
  90. Commit to Financial Independence – Be Obsessed or Be Average
  91. Income Investing Portfolio Review – August 2018
  92. Commit to Financial Independence – Smile When You Get Kicked in the Teeth
  93. Commit to Financial Independence – Whatever it Takes
  94. Commit to Financial Independence – Focus on Improving
  95. My Fifth Month Blogging
  96. My Income Investing Portfolio Monthly Review- September 2018
  97. Commit to Financial Independence – Recommitting
  98. I am Turning Twenty Seven
  99. My Sixth Month Blogging
  100. My Path to Financial Independence – Phase One – Picking Up the Pieces
  101. My Income Investing Portfolio Monthly Review- October 2018
  102. My Path to Financial Independence – Phase One – Creating My Roadmap
  103. My rant on the purpose of money and my free advise on earning more